*3 Legged Thing QR6 Plate

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The new QR6 EQ Release Plate has a 38mm x 60mm Arca profile footprint with 2 retaining bolts (2.5mm hex) to prevent your camera from sliding free when loosened.
The new QR6 Release Plate is designed for ultimate functionality. With a 38mm x 60mm Arca footprint, the QR6-EQ offers 3 slotted 1/4 20 sockets to give you more alignment options for your camera: Mirrorless, Compact, APSC, or Full Fame and fits into a standard Arca Swiss clamp. With a milled stainless steel camera screw, 2 x 2.5mm hex retaining bolts and a precision machined anodised finish. You can rely on the QR6-EQ to keep your tripod secure.
  • QR6-EQ Release Plate
  • Stainless Stagsden Camera Screw with coin slot and 4mm hex socket.