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    Kenny Lester - Monday 15 August 2021

    Kenny Loggin’ In - Entry 1 - The Important Questions in Life


    Kenny's Log, Stardate 75073.6. And so it begins. Logging in for the very first time. I have been tasked with giving you fine people a little glimpse of life at the shop in weekly morsels. All the happenings and shenanigans, the triumphs, the heartbreaks, and everything in between. Probably going to lean into the triumphs a bit more than the heartbreaks, but I’m sure you’ll appreciate that.


    These weekly ramblings are supposed to cover what happens in any given week at the shop that I feel you guys might find interesting. But given that is my very first week with you, I’m going to exercise some creative control and talk about something that happened a couple of weeks ago — because it’s extremely important.




    Are they really milk’s favorite cookie? Did anybody bother to ask milk? 


    We are all photographers here, but that does not preclude us from pondering the other great mysteries of life. When we at the Ashby side of the store ring out our customers, there is a moment in between the beginning of the payment process and the finalization of the sale that is usually reserved for a healthy dose of silence, but I try to break that up when I can by asking a question like the one above.


    This particular question however, hit a nerve that I didn’t expect would exist.


    Everybody had an opinion, but the argument almost always boiled down to a one vs. one matchup of heavyweight contenders for the title of milk’s favorite cookie: Oreos and good ol’ Chocolate Chip.


    Naturally this lead to a separate discussion of the history of the two cookies, because clearly whichever cookie existed first would have a more storied history with milk, and would have more merit in the debate of the century.


    But while Oreo, a brand, has a clear origin story and can be dated with accuracy, the same cannot be said of the chocolate chip cookie — for what really defines a chocolate chip cookie? Does any cookie with chocolate pieces in it qualify as a chocolate chip cookie? If so, it would be safe to assume that it almost certainly pre-dates the Oreo by many many years. However, if you define a chocolate chip cookie by the base dough itself, and the shape of the “chips” used, the chocolate chip cookie has only been in existence since 1938, a full 26 years after the introduction of the Oreo in 1912.


    So what is the truth? Without milk’s direct input, the burden unfortunately falls upon each of us to decide for ourselves.


    These discussions really did take place, I’m not making it up whatsoever. And to be truthful, this is an extremely condensed version of the the debate we had with probably 15 customers throughout the course of a day.


    So. Next time you come in to the shop to drop off film for processing, ask yourself first if you are prepared to solve life’s great questions.


    Because we might ask.



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