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    Posted - Friday 20 November 2021

    Canon's Peter Lee Showcases the R3 and its Innovations

    Online Live  |  Thursday, December 16th  |  6:00-7:00pm PT  |  Click to RSVP NOW


    In their marketing, Canon says that we'll "outpace" and "outperform" if behind the viewfinder of their new EOS R3 full frame mirrorless camera. If you wonder what they mean by this exactly, and how the R3 delivers on this promise, you're in luck. Peter Lee, a representative of Canon, will be online live on December 16th to blow your minds with the R3's innovations and capabilities. Join us, get to the know the curling edge of Canon technology, and ask all your questions. Peter knows Canon, and is eager to let you in on what he knows. All you need to do is RSVP, and we'll send you an Invitation link 2-3 days before the presentation. Peter will review and discuss the following::


    - The new back-illuminated, stacked CMOS sensor and the enhanced functionality it enables.

    - Review improvements Canon has made to autofocus since the launch of the R5 and R6.

    - Get a better understanding of how the new eye control AF feature of the camera works.

    - Explore the video functionality of the camera.

    - Examine the changes to the body and control interface.


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