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    Jon Freel - Saturday 15 April 2021

    Meet Tamara Lackey - Animal Rescue Advocate, Award-Winning Photographer and Nikon Ambassador

    Here at Looking Glass, we are working on a very special online event in May, featuring three award-winning, world & life-changing photographers. While their paths in photography have all been different, they are all connected and share a passion that is near and dear to many of our hearts: Animal Rescue and Conservation. We are in the midst of planning the details for this one-of-a-mind gathering of creative minds, but can share a few details with you. There will be storytelling. We’ll share in laughter, tears, fun and serious moments. Through it all, we’ll explore images, how they came to be, and how this trio came together with Looking Glass on a common mission. More details to follow over the coming weeks. And right now, we’d like to introduce you to these remarkable humans. Below, discover Tamara Lackey. She had Jen and (Jon) feeling so inspired and believing in humanity as she told us about her new animal sanctuary. 


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    Tamara Lackey is a Portrait Photographer and Nikon Ambassador, as well as the Executive Director of Beautiful Together. She has delivered presentations around the world, from Google to Disney to Harvard Law School, speaking on the power of photography and storytelling to effect real change. Tamara is the author of eight photography books, and her TV show for PBS NC, Chasing Frames, uses photography as a way to better tell the stories of people who are transforming lives, protecting our planet, and rescuing those in need.

    Tamara is a strong advocate on behalf of children waiting for families and has utilized her skills honed from 18 years as a professional photographer as a means for tapping into the natural empathy people feel for those in crisis. Launching multiple projects and funds focused on improving the lives of children living in orphanages, group homes or extreme poverty, she has concentrated her efforts on supporting children living in Ethiopia, America, and Syria.

    Seeing the extraordinary connection between children and animals through six years of project work, and noting how impactful fostering homeless pets can be through her personal experience, led her to envision the Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary. The sanctuary acts as a natural bridge between these two worlds, connecting animals in need of refuge with children in crisis. Finding land, creating partnerships, and experience the sheet delight of walking an animal out of a shelter affirmed this decision, as did building a team of like-minded advocates.

    The mission of the Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary is to rescue animals from high-kill shelters or inhumane situations and create a path for them to be adopted into loving homes, while offering therapeutic opportunities for children to care for the animals.

    The goal is of the sanctuary is simple: connecting the vulnerable and the voiceless in ways that benefit all.

    A few images to make you smile, captured by Tamara:





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