Free Online Live with Jeff Mitchell - July 16th - One Father's Emotional Video Project

Date: Thursday, July 16th
Time: 5:30pm PST, via the Zoom meetings app
Speaker: Jeff Mitchell
Recommended Camera: Any camera; Note: Nikon cameras will be mentioned 
Attendance: Free to attend by RSVP’ing. CLICK TO RSVP NOW

Be prepared to think to yourself, “I can’t believe the history and personality that video can capture and convey - why haven’t I shot video until now!”

With today’s camera technologies, capturing quality video can sometimes be as easy as just pressing the little red “record” button. And watching videos you’ve captured from a month ago - or years ago - can bring back details of a memory we had forgotten. Video can be as powerful as still imagery, if not more powerful, at eliciting emotions, feelings and personalities. So why aren’t we all using video more? After this presentation by Jeff Mitchell, you’ll likely want to begin capturing life in video if you haven’t already. You may even “kick yourself” for not capturing video sooner.

Jeff’s presentation will discuss his years-long journey, as a father, to capture important “slices” in time of his daughter’s life. And because the idea of what he started with his daughter was so well received by fellow parents, the project quickly became something bigger, providing many parents with an emotional and fun look recently (at their children’s graduation) of their children over the course of numerous years. Below, we include a video from Jeff's project, featuring his daughter Daisy: 


Jeff will cover how he accomplished his goals of capturing a child’s unique voice, their thoughts on certain subjects, their outward appearance and demeanor, the jokes they tell, and anything else that makes that person uniquely who they are as a human being. As Jeff put the footage together into one reel, he was amazed to see and hear the evolution of the children he filmed: Their personal attitudes, maturing confidence levels, and the topics that they found relevant over a span in time. His underlying goal with this presentation, is to create interest and build confidence in shooting and incorporating video into your life.

Jeff's project, and others like it, are much easier to accomplish than you might expect. Jeff’s quick presentation and Q&A will get to the heart of this fact. As Jeff has told me in his own words, “Video allows you to step back in time; all you have to do is take the time today to capture the seemingly small, yet wonderful moments to be relived tomorrow.”

Jon Freel
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