Free Online Live Learning with Tamron - July 28th - Travel & Storytelling

Date: Tuesday, July 28th
Time: 10:00 AM (typically runs for an hour and includes Q&A)
Instructor: Photographer & Tamron Tech Team Member, Erica Robinson
Attendee Experience Level: All levels welcome
Registration: Free to Attend with RSVP - CLICK TO RSVP

Travel photography can be defined in many ways and covers a broad scope of image making. It’s an incredible combination of landscape, environmental portrait, wildlife, street and documentary photography. All of this, if done thoughtfully, can tell a story .. a story of a place in with world through your eyes. What you will learn in this presentation applies whether your adventuring in your own neighborhood, or taking a long road trip to places you've never been. Topics covered include how to build a photograph that utilizes composition best practices, camera settings to consider, as well as understanding your location and how to convey a story within it. Time to think outside of the box and get creative!

This presentation will be a live online experience and is accessed using Zoom, a super easy to use and effective online group meeting tool. After you RSVP (using the link above), we will send you an email with an "invitation link" and some basic info to get you going if you’ve never used Zoom before.

About Erica, in Her Own Words:

I wont write this out like a dating profile, or write some perfect euphoric poem expressed on every instagram post you see. But what I will tell you, is that my life is in pictures.

I travel around the US as a tech rep, and around the world for adventure. I’m proud to pass along my knowledge and experiences in seminars, workshops and now here. All to others who feel the same travel pull on the heartstrings as I do.

My hope, is that with one little tip or story, it will encourage YOU to explore, dare you to dance with a stranger, or inspire a new challenge in your photography and travel journey.

Side note, because this is an “about me” after all - when I’m not behind the camera, you can find me lifting heavy things, attempting to learn Salsa, solving humanities greatest problems in my head, admiring those who speak multiple languages, and creating a life on two coasts.

Jon Freel
27 Jul 2020
Jon Freel
Mark - As I think you now know, the SurveyMonkey page the link sends you to is the RSVP form. I see you have RSVP'd, and you have also been sent the Invite Link. :-)

Please let us know if you have more questions.
26 Jul 2020
How do I sign up for this event? When I click on the RSVP link on the page, it launches a Survey Monkey page.
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