As you are hopefully aware, Nikon just announced their next generation Z series mirrorless cameras: the Nikon Z 6II and the Z 7II. So what’s the big deal? Easy. Both cameras put forth a compelling “Story of More.” Available in November/December, Preordering is highly recommended. Call us at 510-548.6888.


  • More card slots: Nikon listened and made a good change. Dual CFX/XQD and UHS-II SD Card Slots.
  • More buffer capacity: The Z 6II and Z 7II cameras are even better for burst shooting! 3.5x and 3.3x respectively.
  • More frames per second: The Z 6II and Z 7II are capable of 14fps and 10fps respectively.
  • More Autofocus Options: Both cameras now feature eye/face detection for humans AND animals.
  • More Access: These cameras deliver an incredible amount of features to choose from when shooting. With an improved interface, even with more options than ever before, navigating the menu is easier than before.
  • More Focus in low-light: You can now capture the same detailed images in 1/2 the light (-4.5 EV and -3 EV respectively).
  • More Motion: Video! 4K UHD 60p allows for smoother action, smoother camera motion and the ability to slow down stunningly detailed footage in post production.
  • More than 30 seconds: Way More. 900 second long exposures made possible in-camera without the need for an external remote.
  • More convenient - upgrade with firmware anywhere, anytime - wirelessly.


Nikon Z 6II Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

  • Ultimate versatility. 24.5MP full frame CMOS sensor allows for intensively detailed images, ultra shallow depth of field and particularly clean low light shots
  • Low light ready. - Achieve ISOs up to 51,200 (expandable to ISO 204,800) effectively reducing noise by maintaining both high sensitivity and resolution.
  • 273 on-sensor AF points. Cover 90% of the frame horizontally and vertically.Your subjects is acquired quickly when they enter the frame and tracked throughout the frame, event to the far edges.

Nikon Z 7II Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

  • Rich with detail. 45.7MP full frame CMOS sensor (no OLPF) for intensively detailed images. Ultra shallow depth of field. Very clean low light shots.
  • Detail and Dynamic Range. Achieve a low ISO 64 native (expandable to ISO 32) making it possible to shoot at wide apertures in bright daylight or during flash photography.
  • 493 on-sensor AF points. Cover 90% of the frame horizontally and vertically.Your subjects is acquired quickly when they enter the frame and tracked throughout the frame, event to the far edges.

More Features Found in Both Cameras:

  • In-body 5-axis VR image stabilization is applied to whatever Nikkor Z lens you’re using. Up to five stops of image stabilization in up to 5 directions - yow, pitch, roll. X and Y. VR (3-axis) is even available when using an F Nikkor lens.
  • Focus Shift Mode - Create images with an extraordinary depth of field. The camera automatically takes images while moving focus position from the starting point to infinity. GREAT for shooting jewelry, products, landscapes and still subjects.
  • 20 creative picture controls, such as bleached, denim , toy and more
  • Video shooters! Advanced 10-Bit N-LOG or HDR (HLG) Output
  • Slow motion video in-camera or post production. Full HD 120p / 4K UHD 60p
  • Time-lapse - both cameras offer the traditional interval timer mode as well as the in-camera Time-lapse, but it now includes a new mode that gives you the best of both worlds. Shoot in interval timer mode (JPEG and/or RAW) to retain the best resolution and then create a time-lapse in-camera from the intervals timer changes.

NEW Z NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8 Lens

The new 14-24 Z NIKKOR lens, which will should be available in mid-November, is the smallest, lightest 14-24 2.8 ever produced. This is made possible by the size of the Z mount and the flange back of the Z cameras.The new lens will not only be 30% smaller and lighter than previous models, it will be the first wide angle zoom to take filters.

Typically photographers have been limited to using large, expensive square filters and filter holders on this type of lens. But this newest NIKKOR lens from Nikon will take 112MM filters. Nikon will launch 2 filters, specifically an ND and a Polarizing filter.

Preordering is highly recommended. Call us at 510-548.6888.

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