Words and Images of Connection - the Community Postcard Project

Printing is Good for the Soul and we believe our Community Postcard Project proved it. This past November, dozens of folks within our community learned some printing best practices while also doing something wonderful for someone else. Read on and discover more about this highly meaningful “project” of human kindness and connection.

As we approached the holidays, we were especially reminded of family and friends near and far. And for those in our communities living in retirement homes and shelters, or those confined to a hospital, the holidays can be challenging, especially for those without the cheer and comfort loved ones can provide. That’s where the Community Postcard Project came in. 

As many of us have experienced for ourselves, postcards have long been a way for us to connect with others (especially during travels), with a quick and often fun update on a part of our life or family experience. Receiving something like a postcard in our mailbox - that isn’t a bill or “junk mail” - can be quite an exciting moment, and a personal way of connecting and/or bridging the distance. And that’s what participants in this community project have done: connected with others using the power of imagery and written words. Below, see some of the postcards from our community that we delivered to a local senior care facility. (A huge THANK YOU to Hahnemühle and their representative Veronica Cotter for bringing this project to us, and helping with its successful implementation for our community.)


Jon Freel
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