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Canon charger CB-2LY (uses NB-6L battery)

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Battery Charger for NB-6L Li-Ion Batteries


Compatibility -- PowerShot D10 -- PowerShot D10 Refurbished -- PowerShot D20 -- PowerShot ELPH 500 HS Brown -- PowerShot ELPH 500 HS Pink -- PowerShot ELPH 500 HS Silver -- PowerShot S90 -- PowerShot S95 -- PowerShot S95 Refurbished -- PowerShot SD1200 IS Blue -- PowerShot SD1200 IS Dark Gray -- PowerShot SD1200 IS Dark Gray Refurbished -- PowerShot SD1200 IS Green -- PowerShot SD1200 IS Green Refurbished -- PowerShot SD1200 IS Light Gray -- PowerShot SD1200 IS Light Gray Refurbished -- PowerShot SD1200 IS Orange -- PowerShot SD1200 IS Pink -- PowerShot SD1200 IS Pink Refurbished -- PowerShot SD1300 IS Deluxe Camera Kit -- PowerShot SD1300IS Blue -- PowerShot SD1300IS Brown -- PowerShot SD1300IS Green -- PowerShot SD1300IS Pink -- PowerShot SD1300IS Silver -- PowerShot SD3500 IS Black -- PowerShot SD3500 IS Pink -- PowerShot SD3500 IS Silver -- PowerShot SD4000 IS Black Refurbished -- PowerShot SD4000 IS Red Refurbished -- PowerShot SD4000 IS Silver Refurbished -- PowerShot SD4000IS Black -- PowerShot SD4000IS Red -- PowerShot SD4000IS Silver -- PowerShot SD4000IS White -- PowerShot SD770 IS Digital ELPH Black -- PowerShot SD770 IS Digital ELPH Silver -- PowerShot SD980 IS Blue -- PowerShot SD980 IS Blue Refurbished -- PowerShot SD980 IS Gold -- PowerShot SD980 IS Gold Refurbished -- PowerShot SD980 IS Purple -- PowerShot SD980 IS Silver -- PowerShot SX260 HS Black -- PowerShot SX260 HS Black Refurbished -- PowerShot SX260 HS Green -- PowerShot SX260 HS Green Refurbished -- PowerShot SX260 HS Red -- PowerShot SX260 HS Red Refurbished -- PowerShot SX280 HS Black -- PowerShot SX280 HS Red -- PowerShot SX500 IS

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