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Carefree Maintenance Plan

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With properly maintained gear, there's nothing to fear. Get some peace of mind with our Carefree Maintenance Plan.



Think of your camera the same way many people think of their car: It’s an investment that can enhance your life and should be properly taken care of. This ensures your gear provides you with the experience you expect when you're ready to shoot. Like a car’s engine, your camera and its sensor (and lens) need to be maintained for optimal performance and a long life. That’s where this membership comes in. Peace of mind is but a click away. Here is what you’ll receive with this annual plan (these services have a value of $320 or more, and you get them for only $79):

  • Clean & Check (camera exterior): 3 times a year (or 3 different cameras each 1 time per year, etc.)
  • Clean & Check (lens exterior): 3 times a year (or 3 different lenses each 1 time per year, etc.)
  • Camera Sensor Cleaning: 3 times a year (or 3 different camera’s sensors each 1 time per year, etc.)
  • Firmware Update: 1 time per year if needed
  • Accidental Damage Warranty: 20% Off (can be purchased within 30-days of buying your new gear, whether it was purchased from Looking Glass or not)
  • Manufacturer Warranty Repairs: Looking Glass will coordinate the whole process for you 


PLEASE NOTE: Services included with this plan are for standard delivery times. For rush/expedited cleanings, additional charges may apply.


One obvious answer is because our cameras get dirty and a clean camera is a happy camera. To maintain the like-new functionality for your camera and lens, it’s important to remove dirt, dust, grease and more that will inevitably find its way into the workings of your gear. This helps maintain the integrity of the camera buttons, lens rings and more for smooth and fluid function when out shooting. Find more information on our clean & checks here.


Keeping your camera's parts clean is imperative to maintaining its best performance for all of your photography adventures. A sensor cleaning helps rid your camera of annoying spots that may appear on your photos due to dust and other particles that make their way to the inner workings of your beloved camera. Looking Glass has staff members trained in cleaning sensors safely and effectively for you. Find more information on our sensor cleaning service here.


From time to time, manufacturers will release firmware updates that will upgrade your gear by enhancing performance, adding new features, or even fixing known issues. These updates are typically installed by using a computer to download existing updates onto the camera from manufacturer's website. We recommend checking for firmware updates periodically to ensure you have the most up to date performance enhancements. Find more information on our firmware upgrade service here.


If there's one thing that recent times have taught us, it's that the unexpected is always waiting around the corner. Whether your tripod falls over with your camera on it, an unexpected splash of water gets in your gear, or a swinging door hits your lens just right - these unhappy moments can be turned upside down with an accidental damage warranty. Stop by or give us a call to learn more.

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