Fotodiox Pro Fusion Adapter, Smart AF Adapter - Canon EOS (EF / EF-S) D/SLR Lens to Micro Four Thirds (MFT, M4/3) Mount Mirrorless Camera Body with Full Automated Functions

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Make full use of your existing Canon EF and EF-S-mount lenses on your Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera with this Pro Fusion Smart AF Adapter from Fotodiox. Featuring FUSION technology, this intelligent adapter features electronic contacts that fully maintain autofocus, auto-exposure, and image stabilization capabilities as well as transfer Exif data and enable aperture adjustment from the camera body. Alternatively, an iris toggle switch is integrated, and can be used to adjust aperture settings via the adapter. This adapter further adds a Micro-USB port to the design, which is used to update the adapter's firmware for future lens support and bug fixes. Complementing the electronic sophistication, this adapter is also characterized by its durable chrome-plated brass construction and removable 1/4"-20 tripod mount to help support heavier lenses. This adapter is suitable for use with most Micro Four Thirds cameras, however it is not compatible with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema and Pocket Cinema 4K cameras.