Lighting 101: Flash & Studio Strobe Photography Basics - OCT 20

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Date & Time:

This 3-4 hour beginners workshop covers the basics of working with flash and studio strobes in photography. The workshop runs on Sunday, October 20th and starts at 11:00am.

Preparation for the Class:

Topics Covered:

The primary objective of the workshop is to increase your photographic knowledge, skill set, and abilities to capture great images with the use of light from flash units and studio strobes. There will be several in-classroom demonstrations, examples, sharing, and photo discussions to aid in the understanding of the following topics covered:

  • Why and when to use artificial light
  • Studio strobes vs. accessory flash units
  • TTL vs. Manual Flash control
  • Lighting patterns on the face
  • Creating Soft vs. Hard light
  • Mixing flash with ambient light
  • Tips for using multiple flash units
  • Using flash to create mood
  • Flash duration and using flash to freeze motion
  • Lighting a background
  • When to use an ND filter
  • Other accessories and special effects
  • Lighting recommendations for various budgets and needs

  • A desire to learn more about photography and how to take better pictures
  • A willingness to get creative
  • A basic understanding of your camera’s menu system and controls

What to Bring to Class:
  • Notepad and Pen/Pencil
  • Optional: Your fully charged camera
  • Something to eat and/or drink to keep the energy strong for learning


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