Photo Organizing with Lightroom Library Module - Online Live Workshop

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  • This is a 4-part online class using the Zoom meeting and classes application. Complete description is below.

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This comprehensive online workshop runs in four parts according to following schedule: Tuesday (February 2nd), Thursday (February 4th), Tuesday (February 9th) and Thursday (February 11th). Each session runs from 1:00pm to 2:30pm and the class is limited to just 8 students. Please Note: A Zoom meeting invitation link will be sent to your email the day before your class.

The workshop is designed for those that are relatively new to Lightroom Classic (available with a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud) and covers the Library module. The class will give you an overview of the software’s ability to help you develop an efficient workflow for downloading, culling, and organizing your images. Reid welcomes anyone who is either completely new to Lightroom Classic, or those that have used the program for a while but need a deep dive into the module to develop their workflow. Be prepared to learn from a true expert, learn A LOT of information, and get hands-on as you follow along with on own computer.

We’ll be meeting up from the comfort of our own homes using the Zoom video meeting application. Desktop or laptop computers with big screens work best. Using a tablet, iPad, or (horrors!) a cell phone will not work for this workshop. We will also schedule a short Zoom orientation a day or two prior to the class for those that are new to Zoom or want a refresher. This will help us get started the day of the class efficiently, so we can jump right into the learning (as opposed to troubleshooting!).

Reid will give you an overview of Lightroom Classic and how it manages your images, how to set program and viewing preferences, and learn pitfalls to avoid. You’ll learn strategies regarding how to get organized and how certain approaches can help you organize previously downloaded images on your computer. You’ll also learn how to use Lightroom Collections to their full advantage, assign keywords, for quickly finding images, and harness the power of facial recognition to find those that you want to identify. In-between sessions, students will be given assignments to apply and practice what they just learned, in a practical way. The class will communicate through Google Classroom, and Reid will make sure you get your questions answered, ensuring that you get the most from this workshop.

The workshop has been optimized for online instruction, to ensure we can learn while also staying safe. Below is an outline that details the four parts of this workshop:

  • Tuesday, February 2nd: Course overview, Introductions, PowerPoint presentation: Digital Asset Management and Key Lightroom Concepts.  Setting preferences and View Options. Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Thursday, February 4th: Questions and answers regarding previous class. Create Importing and Metadata Presets. Downloading, Viewing, Flagging, Rating, Renaming, Facial Recognition, Keyword-ing, Collections, Map Module, Deleting.
  • Tuesday, February 9th: Questions and answers regarding previous class. Download Workflow Practice, Backing Up! Resolving legacy file organization issues. Lightroom Mobile (Smartphone) image management.
  • Thursday, February 11th: Questions and answers regarding previous class. Other ways of getting images into Lightroom: Importing via drag and drop, Importing from another catalog, Watched Folders, Shooting Tethered. Working with more than one Lightroom catalog.