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    Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III Body - Black


    Christian, a member of the tech team here at Looking Glass, provides his thoughts on shooting the E-M1 Mark III:



    World Shattering Image Stabilization. This is the HUGE NEWS when it comes to the new Olympus E-M1 Mark III. And it's important. It will make your photography life and image making better in so many ways. The new camera from Olympus delivers the world’s most effective in-body image stabilization. Why does this matter? It means you can do your best shooting handheld. Pair the E-M1 Mark III with a stabilized M.Zuiko PRO lens, and be in awe of its world-leading 7.0 EV steps of compensation.

    Couple this stabilization with improved autofocus (more on that below) and you can enjoy hand-held shooting, just about always. What does this mean? It means that those disappointing moments of missing a shot due to camera shake, or an autofocus that just won't keep up, are now a thing of the past. And think about those fleeting, spur of the moment shots you may have missed. It could have been your child playing sports, an eagle taking off from a cliffside, or your friend nailing a mountain bike jump. Whatever your missed moment was, don't suffer from it again.

    Olympus doesn't stop there though. We mean it when we say, missing the "money shot" is a thing of the past. Olympus also developed an incredibly handy feature called Pro Capture. This feature can only be found with Olympus cameras. Get ready to be wowed. In Pro Capture mode, the camera uses its electronic shutter to shoot up to 60 frames per second. And images start being captured the moment that the shutter release is half-pressed. If the button is pressed and released, the 14 frames recorded before the button was pressed along with 25 recorded afterwards are written to the card. This means if the moment happened just before your reacted to depress the shutter button completely, you still got the moment recorded! And all the images are full resolution and can be RAW or JPEG.

    The Pro Capture Mode can be especially handy for sports and wildlife action - and it doesn't stop there. There's also the E-M1 Mark III's 121-Point On-Chip PDAF - it's one of the industry’s fastest, most accurate autofocus systems. Lock, track and capture any subject — even unpredictable ones — with precision.

    Maybe you love high res shots - meaning, incredible sharpness and big image files where you can crop in to your heart's content and not lose quality? Or maybe you like your prints to be big and perfect? Achieve 50MP Handheld High-Res Shots, or 80MP High-Res Shots on your tripod. What!? Yes, you read that correctly. And with the E-M1 Mark III's updated processor, color is captured even more accurately than before - true to life - so what you see with your eyes is recorded beautifully to your digital file.

    Another new advantage is what Olympus calls Starry Sky Autofocus. Night shots of the sky are tough. And with the soaring popularity and wonder of Astrophotography, making it easier to capture the night sky seems a no brainer. And Olympus has done just that with the E-M1 Mark III. Now you don’t have to depend on Manual Focus for astrophotography. Now you can use this advanced new Autofocus setting - found only in the EM-1 Mark III - to take spectacular shots of star filled skies with pinpoint accuracy.

    How about video capture? Super fun, right? But maybe you've had a hard time of it in the past. Like maybe shaky videos that just aren't all that fun to watch. And you don't want to invest in all the gear that will help with that. Well, the in-camera image stabilization we've been raving about in the E-M1 Mark III? It works for 4K and Cinema 4K video too! Now you can enjoy capturing video in all its smooth and shake-free glory. No additional gear investments required.

    These are just some of the advantages you get with the Olympus E-M1 Mark III. Let the Looking Glass team walk you through it all at our camera bar. You just might discover the tool you've always dreamed of.




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