Online Live Workshop - Photographing Local Wildlife & Making An Impact

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  • This is an online class series using the Zoom meeting and classes application. See complete class description below.

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So many folks have expressed how grateful they’ve been that during the pandemic, they can still go outside, marvel at nature and do something they love: take pictures. Did you know that three-fourths of the world’s flowering plants and about 35 percent of the world’s food crops depend on animal pollinators to reproduce?” (source: the Agriculture Department) There’s a whole ecosystem happening right there in your own backyard. It’s a myth that we have to jump in the car and travel to connect with nature. Biodiversity is alive and well right outside our door.

Kristi Odom, Internationally acclaimed photographer and member of Nikon’s elite Ambassador program, wants to help people connect with local wildlife (birds, bugs, plants) through photography and conservation. Hence the name of this workshop series - Photographing Local Wildlife and Making an Impact. And to be candid, just speaking with her on the phone planning all of this was incredibly inspirational and motivating for us here at Looking Glass; We can only imagine how incredible she’ll be as she teaches this course.

The workshop consists of 6 sessions, twice a week, in September as follows: Every Monday and Wednesday from 5:00pm to 6:30pm, beginning on Labor Day (September 7th) and ending with the final session on Wednesday, September 23rd.  


From the patterns on a dragonfly’s back to a Warbler in flight or a flower’s unfolding petals, there truly is beauty all around us. This online workshop dives into tips and tricks on using macro and telephoto photography to put your own unique voice into your images of bugs, birds, and plants. The class also teaches how to photograph wildlife with purpose. From environmentally friendly practices, to connecting locally to preserve local biodiversity. Learn the power of local community and local stories to make change. There will be a guest speaker who is a photographer and filmmaker that works at the International League of Conservation Photographers as well insight on ethical birding photography from the Audubon Society of Virginia. 

Each online class begins with a lecture by Kristi, providing new tools, techniques, and inspiration. Each session will also dedicate time for group critiques, offering a great opportunity for participants to share their work since the previous session and receive valuable feedback and perspective. At the end of each session, Kristi will provide you with a fun “assignment” that will put what you just learned to use. There’s no better way to learn and retain information than applying it in real-life, right!?

The series will expand and strengthen your camera skills, help you become a more confident photographer and artist, as well as enhance your ability for storytelling. Join Kristi for an adventuresome workshop that helps you connect with stunning wildlife that is everywhere.


The course will take place over the course of six days during the month of September:

  • Mondays: September 7th, 14th and 21st from 5:00pm to 6:30pm Pacific Time
  • Wednesdays: September 9th, 16th and 23rd from 5:00pm to 6:30pm Pacific Time

Participation in the class will be online using the Zoom meetings and classes application. The course is limited to just 10 students to ensure a complete and personalized experience for everyone. Class will also provide an image review for each student, allowing students to share their work since the previous class session, receiving valuable feedback and alternate perspectives.


Kristi Odom is an internationally acclaimed photographer, a Nikon Ambassador, and a motivational speaker. She makes her home in Sterling Va and travels the world shooting, teaching, and sharing her insights so she can help make our planet a better, more loving place. With a background in sports, concerts, and wedding photography, she now works solely on her biggest passion, which is wildlife.

A photographer and filmmaker, her work focuses on connecting people emotionally to animals and celebrating those who have a connection to the natural world. Her accolades include over 60 international photography awards including 2 Nature’s Best Photography awards. Her work has been exhibited twice at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Her work has been featured by Microsoft, Forbes, Washington Post, Outside Magazine, Nikon, and 

To see more of Kristi’s work:


Instagram: @kristiodom