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Date & Time:

This 3.5-hour workshop runs on Saturday, February 29th from 10:30am to 2:00pm. The workshop includes a lecture and live demonstrations (tethered shooting), along with hands-on-camera exercises and discussion of both the instructor’s and participants’ images.

This workshop is meant for people who already have some familiarity moving around the menu system of their cameras, and have played with various settings, etc. Instructor Dave Strauss will show you how and when to use your camera’s manual mode, and help you improve your understanding of shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and focus/DoF. Beginners would be better suited taking our DSLR 101 class.

Full Class Description:

In most commonly used modes, your camera makes decisions for you by selecting values for aperture, shutter speed, and/or ISO based on algorithms that may or may not comport with your creative intentions. This 3.5-hour workshop is intended for intermediate photographers who want to venture beyond the automatic modes in order to expand creative options and improve photographs in many challenging situations.

We’ll explore the fundamentals of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and focus/depth-of-field through lecture, slide presentation, demonstrations, and lots of camera-in-hand exercises, along with discussion of both the instructor’s and participants’ images.

Students should bring a digital camera (DSLR or mirrorless) that provides for manual control of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. “Point-and-shoot” cameras can be difficult to control manually and are not recommended for this class.

There are really no specific prerequisites, except a basic understanding of your own camera. Please bring your digital camera and a fully charged battery. We suggest bringing a spare camera battery and a pocket notebook. Memory cards should be cleared and formatted prior to the workshop. PLEASE ARRIVE A FEW MINUTES PRIOR TO THE STARTING TIME.

(NOTE: Did you just get a new camera? This is not an "introduction to your new camera" class, so please be familiar with your camera and its basic controls.)

About Dave Strauss:

Dave’s passion for photography began at age 7 when he started taking pictures of friends and family with a fixed-focus cardboard box camera. Decades, and tens-of-thousands of photos later, Dave’s love of photographic image making has only intensified. Today, Dave owns and operates DS Composition, a photo studio in Oakland ( He specializes in studio portraits, editorial and advertising, wildlife, scientific/ultra-macro, and fine-art composite photos. His images have appeared in magazines, newspapers, books, commercial websites, academic journals, solo exhibitions, museums, and juried group shows. Dave loves teaching photography at Looking Glass!


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