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Dec. 5th - 12th - Photoshop Tools: December Class Series with Rich Seiling

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Holiday Special Pricing for this incredible 5-part Photoshop class series with Rich Seiling - master printmaker and former assistant curator at the Ansel Adams Gallery.



To use Photoshop or Lightroom, that is the question. Or is it?

Which software to use for your image post processing should not be an either/or question. The fact is, Photoshop can do some things Lightroom can't, so we recommend using both! This complete series of Photoshop classes will help get you comfortable with Photoshop and will open up a world of new opportunities for you! 

Rich Seiling has put together an incredibly useful series of five 1-hour classes that will help you launch into Photoshop by learning to use some of its most important features. The Complete Series includes all 5 sessions with a savings of $45! Or, if you prefer to enroll in select sessions, you can do that too!


(Please note: Each session is 1-hour in length and will be recorded & available for four weeks after the session run date. So if you can’t make a session, or simply want there ability to review and rewind, we have you covered!)

Dec. 5th @ 9:00am Pacific: Session 1 -  RAW to RGB Conversion

Your Camera shoots in RAW, but we need an RGB file for Photoshop. This session will show you how to bring your RAW files into Photoshop, the correct settings for colorspace and bit depth,  and what adjustments are best made at this step.  You’ll use this knowledge every time you work on a photo in Photoshop.

Dec. 6th @ 9:00am Pacific: Session 2 - Adjustment Layers

Adjustment Layers allow you to make non-destructive adjustments to your files. Learn how to work with them and which ones Rich finds most useful. 

Dec. 7th @ 9:00am Pacific: Session 3 - Masking and Brushing

Photoshop is the ultimate tool for taking control of specific areas of a photo. That’s important because most of Rich’s expert processing technique is made to small “local” areas. In this class session, you will learn how to brush and mask for the ultimate in fine-tuning.

Dec. 8th @ 9:00am Pacific: Session 4 - Image Sizing

Sizing images to the “right” resolution for different uses is one of the most misunderstood parts of Photoshop. Learn how Photoshops “Image Size” dialog works, and when to use it. 

Dec. 12th @ 9:00am Pacific: Session 5 - File Organization

Taking advantage of Photoshop’s strengths requires making different files for different use…but how do you keep all those files organized and find them when you need them? Learn the system Rich created to solve this the hundreds of thousands of images his print studio handled.


This is a series of five short (1-hour) classes with no prerequisites other than a strong desire to use Photoshop more effectively. Rich uses Photoshop (NOT Photoshop Elements), and it's recommended that you have Photoshop installed on your computer, etc.


This Online Live class series will be conducted using Zoom. You will receive a Zoom Invitation Link 1-2 days prior to the first class session’s scheduled date. We will have recordings of each session available for students who miss a session, or would like to review what they learned during the live session. Each recording will be available for 4 weeks after the session's run date.


Rich Seiling’s passion for capturing light and beauty with photography has led him on a series of adventures that have shaped his vision and view of the craft.  From a stint at The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite as an assistant curator, to his pioneering work in digital printmaking, founding of a leading fine art printing studio, and 22 years living in and photographing the Yosemite region of the Sierra Nevada, Rich has deeply explored the vision and craft of photography while continuing to express his own vision. 

He learned photography in the darkroom, seeking to make prints with the rich tonal scale exemplified by the West Coast traditions of photography. But his frustration with color processes lead him to explore digital photography starting in the early 1990s.

Combining his darkroom knowledge with digital tools led to a process for making color prints of museum quality that pushed the process to new heights. His reputation for making vibrant yet realistic digital prints allowed him to help photographers like Galen Rowell, Jack Dykinga, Robert Glenn Ketchum, and many others, make the transition to digital fine art printing. With his team at West Coast Imaging, he has helped produce numerous museum shows, supplied prints for leading galleries, and done prepress for art books from publishers like Taschen and Houghton Mifflin. 

His simple yet powerful Photoshop workflow, tested on tens of thousands of prints at WCI, is in use by many top professionals, and has been taught to countless students across the country through workshops and lectures.

Working in both black & white and color, Rich strives to capture the profound beauty of nature and communicate it through vibrant, and sometimes large, prints. He considers himself a student of light, discovering its qualities and how it communicates the inherent realities of a subject, often seeking out fleeting moments of rare light that make the landscape sing its own voice.

Driven by the belief that each photographer has a unique story only they can tell, Rich teaches the art of photography through workshops and articles. His goal is to help students unlock their potential to tell their own stories by helping them gain control of the craft, expand their vision, and most of all, to experience the enrichment and joy that photography brings.


A full refund will be granted to those who notify us of registration cancelation at least 72 hours (3 days) prior to the series start date.

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