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Promaster GaN USB Charger 3-Port 65 Watt

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GaN, or Gallium nitride charging, is a newer technology that creates more energy in small, thermally efficient units. ProMaster’s new compact, high-wattage GaN USB charger
is the perfect solution for quickly charging multiple devices without a buildup of excessive heat. With a maximum output of 65 Watts, it’s a powerful choice for charging cameras, laptops, phones, tablets, and other devices that use USB-C or USB-A. Despite its impressive output, it is amazingly small and has folding prongs for even more compact transport and storage. This charger accepts voltage between 100 and 240V, so it can handle a wide variety of outlets in many countries so long as a proper prong adapter is used where necessary.

A convenient chart for identifying maximum charging wattages is printed on the box and the unit itself. Keep in mind that these are maximum outputs. If the cable and device cannot handle such high wattage, the charger will reduce the output accordingly.

The USB-C outputs support PD (Power Delivery) protocol for high-speed charging, which is supported by many camera models including the Sony a7 IV, Nikon Z fc, Nikon Z 7, Canon R5, Canon R6, Panasonic GH6, and the Fujifilm X-T5. A PD- compatible cable (like 65681) must be used for PD charging. Built-in protection features ensure that if a non-PD cable or non-PD device is connected, the charger will work at a normal current.

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