Promaster Memory Card Professional Rugged CF - 64GB

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ProMaster Professional Rugged Memory Cards are designed to keep memories safe! Their world-proof design is the result of a unique manufacturing process making the cards up to 3 times stronger than other products. Industrial grade internal components offer maximum protection against water, high humidity, extreme heat and cold, as well as impact. RUGGED memory is simply the strongest storage available for your irreplaceable memories! ProMaster Rugged Memory cards come with a 48 hour replacement guarantee*. Simply register your individually serialized card at and you're covered!

  • Type: CompactFlash
  • Capacity: 64GB
  • Speed: 1066X,160MB/s Read Speed, 80MB/s Write Speed
  • UDMA 7, Operating temperature range: 32F to 158F (0 to 70C)


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