Promaster Mobile Lens 2.0 - Telephoto 2X

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Promaster Mobile Lens 2.0 - Telephoto 2X

  • 1 Mobile 2.0 Telephoto 2x lens
  • 2 adhesive/magnetic mounts
  • 1 standard clip mount

The best camera is the one that's with you, and PROMASTER MOBILE LENSES make your pictures even better! The exclusive dual mount system makes it easy to attach lenses to your phone or tablet using either a clip mount or magnetic mount. It even works with most cases! This Telephoto 2x lens creates an image 2 times for your phone's camera without loosing any quality of resolution! Some phones have an internal IS (image stabilization) system that isn't magnet-friendly. This 2.0 lens addresses this issue by using a small threaded ring to achieve a magnetic attachment to the phone. When using a phone that has IS, and doesn't work well near a magent, you can simply switch to the clip system and keep on shooting!


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