Savage Translum background diffusion material, 12" x12" Variety pack (includes 2 sheets of each weight, 3/4 stop, 1.5 stop & 2 stop)

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Product details

Translum is a versatile and unique, semi-tranlucent plastic amterial designed for transforming light and cerating stunning visual effects in the studio.


Translum is smooth and texture-free, making it perfect for backgrounds. Try backlighting for an easy high key set up.


Use Translum as a background for product and tabletop photogrpahy. Trim Translum to any size to fit your application.


Diffuse studio or natural lighting with Translum to achieve soft, delicate light. Suspend near windows to easily diffuse natural light.

Silhouettes & Patterns:

Get creative! Translum allows you to transform light and shadow like a pro. Have fun with silhouettes, or trim Translum to make your own cookaloris!