our re-opening is here

Updated: August 19th

We’re in our next phase of reopening, and it should make serving you much easier and thorough, depending on your needs and hopes. Below are our latest steps in creating a great experience for you while maintaining safety and trust for both you and our team members. Most everything will take place at our Parking Lot Entrance (unless otherwise stated), which can be found by driving down the driveway off of Ashby Avenue (next to the Ashby Plaza Clock Tower) to the parking lot. We will be practicing social distancing and requiring masks in areas around the store at all times, for everything we do.

Are you hoping to reach us on the weekend?

We have increased our availability and are now Available to help you on Saturdays! Our hours of operation are now Monday through Saturday, from 10:00am to 6:00pm each day.  

Are you more vulnerable to COVID-19 or feeling uncomfortable being in public because of it?

For website and phone purchases, we are keeping our Local No-Contact Delivery option in full force. With our local no-contact delivery service, we maintain a safe option for those who are more vulnerable to COVID-19 and/or those who would prefer to limit their time out in public. We schedule a time for delivery, and let you know when we’ve arrived and will leave your purchase for you without having to make physical contact.

Do you know what you want, but are unsure about your schedule? Or maybe you just have a quick question or would like to see a specific item before purchase?

We're excited to inform you that we're now open for Unscheduled Walk-Up Service. We hope this takes the burden off you with respect to scheduling your time around getting your beloved photography supplies. Now you can stop by when you find it's convenient, with the added plus of chatting to us in-person regarding your photography needs. Our team will have a table set-up outside, properly social-distanced so that you can stop by anytime on Monday through Saturday, between the hours of 10:00am to 6:00pm. We will require masks at all times, and appropriate social distancing. Our team will bring the desired product(s) outside to the table, and will complete the purchase there.

Ready to make the plunge into something new and cool, but need further explanation or exploration?

We understand that there will be times when a more detailed product explanation and exploration will be needed, such as purchasing a new camera, lens and other items that could benefit from a more "hands-on" purchasing experience. That said, we are now open for In-Store Appointments. These appointments need to be made in advance, at the discretion of our team members. We will have a separate area in the store away from all the activities, that we will keep disinfected and safe at all times. Use of masks and gloves will be required. You will need to have your own mask, and Looking Glass will provide you with gloves and hand sanitizer in the store.

Do you know exactly what you want and hope for a quick and efficient experience? 

For website and phone purchases, we are keeping our Scheduled Curbside Pickup in place with a table dedicated to pickups or give us a call when you arrive and we can bring your purchase to your car. With scheduled curbside pickup, you can “skip the line” and receive your purchases quickly, safely and easily - no waiting. 

Have you been patiently waiting to drop off film or other processing tasks for the lab?

And last but certainly not least, many of you will be happy to know that we are now accepting Processing Drop-Offs! We will have a procedure in place to safely hand-off your items for processing. We will have our Ashby Avenue entrance open for these drop-offs - and only for these drop-offs, making a safer and more efficient experience for everyone. Yay! 

Do you have questions or would like further information about our reopening?

Please feel free to respond to this email and/or give us a phone call at 510-548-6888. We look forward to seeing you here and once again being able to serve you in person. We’ve missed you!



  • Preowned Gear Buying. We are not evaluating or buying used gear at this time. However, we will be stocking the preowned selection with many new, used items that still require processing.
  • Sensor Cleanings and Clean & Checks. Unfortunately, our in-store technician service is on hold temporarily. However, we do have DIY kits and have created a DIY tutorial for doing this at home.  
  • Gear Rentals. This department is closed indefinitely. At some point, our staff may feel comfortable with this service again, but for now we will not be offering rentals as a service.