A safer way to trade-in and sell your used equipment
With the "new normal" we are collectively experiencing, we have put together a new, fast and easy way for you to work with us. We have partnered with the Used Gear Buying Team that has managed the Looking Glass Used Gear Buying Event during our annual Anniversary Sale. Our community has had great things to say about them, and we trust them completely with your gear and the offers they make. Below we outline the new process and provide a link to a quick and secure form to submit your request for a quote. We are interested in your cameras and lenses, both digital and analog. If you have questions about the process or our partner, email us: [email protected] You can also learn more about our partner here.

Trade-in Credit vs. Check in the Mail
To receive the most value for your used gear, choosing a credit at Looking Glass is the way to go. You will receive an extra 20% for your gear when you do. For example, if the cash (mailed check) offer is $600, your trade-in credit offer will add an extra 20% to that, making it $720.


Complete our "Request for Quote" form (link to form below)
Be as accurate as you can with the description.  Include photographs, especially if you're not sure of what you have.  
You will receive an email confirmation that we have received your request.

Receive your Quote
Within one business day, you will receive an email with our cash offer and trade offer quote. 
You will have 5 days to reply and accept the offer.

Get your PRE-PAID shipping label & send us your gear
When we receive your acceptance email, we will email you back within one business day.
 Print out the email offer and check the box for the cash or trade option you prefer. 
Next, print out the attached PRE-PAID shipping label. Then, carefully pack your items in a box along with the printed email quote with your payment selection.
 Secure the PRE-PAID shipping label to the outside of the box and drop it off at any USPS office.   

We confirm your gear and make payment
Within 5 business days of receiving your gear via mail, we will examine it to confirm it is in the condition as you described.
 Assuming everything is accurate, we will make payment within 24 hours as either a trade-in credit at Looking Glass or a check. If you elected a trade-in credit, we will send a Confirmation Email to you that your credit is ready whenever you are to be applied something new.
 You may take that email, and a photo ID to Looking Glass Photo to use immediately. We will also have a record of your credit in our store database. If on the off-chance your equipment is not as described, we will email you with a new quote for your consideration.
 If you do not approve of the new quote, we will return your equipment via USPS AT OUR EXPENSE.

(click to learn more about our Used Buying partner)