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Photo Organizing with Adobe Lightroom - Feb 3
Photo Organizing with Adobe Lightroom - Feb 3

Photo Organizing with Adobe Lightroom - Feb 3

By: Looking Glass


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Create order out of chaos for your photo collection.

Product Description

Date & Time:

This seven hour class runs on Saturday, February 3rd from 10:30am-5:30pm. There will be a 45-minute break for lunch. Please note: lunch will NOT be provided, so you can either bring your lunch and eat in the classroom and ask questions of Reid (the instructor), or take the time to get out of the classroom.

Class Details:


This class covers the Library module in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, giving you an overview of the software’s power and ease in helping you develop an efficient workflow, allowing more time for shooting and less by the computer.

You will obtain a solid foundation in the Library module. You'll go through the steps of importing and organizing your photos and see how crucial this is to improving your photography.

This class is ideal for those that want to create order out of chaos from their image collection. Students need to have basic computer skills such as creating and moving folders, as well as quickly finding folders, on your computer. Students should know where their image are and where they would like to permanently reside.

Learn about ​the class instructor, ​Reid​ Thaler,​ on our Instructor Bios page.

About Adobe Photoshop Lightroom:

Lightroom is a comprehensive software solution for organizing, enhancing, printing, and sharing your images. The powerful toolset encourages users to move beyond image management and manipulation to creating photo books, slide shows, and website development. Come learn how photographers complete 95% of their image processing in Lightroom without the need for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or other image editing programs.

Before Class:
Bring a laptop with Lightroom 5.0 or higher (the instructor will be using the latest version of Lightroom, so it is recommended you have the latest version installed on your computer). Don't have Lightroom? You can sign up for the Creative Cloud Photography program that offers Lightroom and Photoshop for $10/month:HERE.

Check your email for purchase enrollment confirmation. Please print it and bring to class.

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