Film photography is my passion. Really putting effort into your shot rather than just taking a few random ones on a digital camera is so exciting to me. Don't get me wrong, I still use my digital camera for photo shoots or to take pics at concerts, but film is my fave!! And then the waiting game on the film is also fun! Whether i leave a roll in my camera for a few weeks, months, days or even just the wait for the developed roll to come back into the shop is always a treat! I love seeing how my photos turned out after the fact :) I love to take pictures of my friends and getting candid shots of them when we hang out around town or go on an actual shoot with a vision. I also love attending concerts and snapping some film pics to capture the moments I will remember for a lifetime. I love taking portraits because people are so unique and have great stories to tell. That is always one of my favorite things when on a photo shoot, when people tell me their life stories and we just chat and have such a down to earth conversation. It's always so cool learning new things about either my best pals or new friends! I try my best to take photos every weekend because I love creating new content for myself and my personal projects as well as for social media.

See a few of my images below, If you'd like to see more, visit my Instagram: @surfer_bae7 and @d2darcey