I moved to the bay area about 18 years ago with my husband and daughter. The big city has since opened my eyes to a whole new world of artistic being. Discovering a new love......found objects. Through this discovery I have learned I am much more of a tactile artist, I really feel free when I breath new life into old items. Breaking the rules has shown me there really are no limitations.

I'm originally from the Pacific Northwest and I have always felt a connection to nature. Since I was a small child, I have always collected rocks. In the last few years I have discovered a whole new world in crystals. I marvel at the beauty that the earth creates. I truly enjoy ALL that nature has to offer. As it's given me new inspiration for my artistic endeavors.

If I can leave you with the most important impression of me it would be: simply put "action that is spontaneous, natural and effortless" -Wu Wei