About Looking Glass

We figure the best way for you to truly learn about the Looking Glass experience is to hear about from folks like you who have experienced us first-hand. Below, we share some Google Reviews from this year. We hope this helps illuminate what you can expect; we're excited to meet you. And if you want to know more about the individuals on our team who make it all possible, click here.

"Very knowledgeable staff and one of the last places to get film and get it printed. Been going since they lived around the corner on Telegraph Ave. Now they have more space and darkrooms". -Robert K (Google Review, July 2019)

"Amazing shop for the selection and the people. I got great help figuring out a problem with my old Pentax K1000, and they keep a great selection of used gear (as well as new of course). Everyone in the shop was super friendly and knowledgable." -Timothy S. (Google Review, June 2019)

"Such a great family-owned shop! They have an awesome product selection, tons of services (e.g., repair shop, classes, rentals), and simply delightful staff! For everything I checked, their prices are the same as what you would get at Best Buy or on Amazon... But they offer way better assistance with product selection and ongoing support than you'll ever get at a big box store. Please make sure to give these folks your business. They deserve it!" -Josue M. (Google Review, June 2019)

"Not only a photographer's store, Looking Glass Photo is a great place for people who want to take better pictures. The staff is very helpful and does a terrific job of coaching their customers into getting better results from their equipment. Their prices are very competitive and when you factor in the value of the expertise, shopping here becomes an obvious choice when compared to buying online. If you need equipment and want to buy it from people who really understand how to use it, come here." -Josh S. (Google Review, May 2019)

"Excellent customer service ... affordable pricing ... A photographer's dream store ..." -Renee G. (Google Review, March 2019)

"I cannot say enough positive about Looking Glass’s very knowledgeable and helpful staff. I had a memory card failure. They recovered 300+ images that I thought might be lost forever. My thanks for their help and professionalism! Also, their prices are the same as online! Why on earth would you buy anywhere else? I also attended a class there. Excellent and very helpful." -Roger N. (Google Review, January 2019)

"Even if I can find something cheaper online, I am going to choose to spend the extra on Looking Glass to buy the same item. Why? Read on. I first came to know Looking Glass through a camera geek and dear friend, who gave me the best advice: "Go find a local camera shop, and start building your community there." Alvin was right! From the moment I walked in to Looking Glass, to my first camera ever purchased, to my subsequent lenses and supplies, the team at Looking Glass treated me like I'm their favorite customer. I feel good walking in, and I always feel better walking out. Their product selection is wide, their advice spot-on, and their attitude is unparalleled. They never pushed me to buy things I don't need. They asked about my use case and stayed with it. They took the time and energy to research with me, to learn with me. They gave honest feedback. They treated me like one of them, even when I'm just a nobody. True story. I bought a Fuji XT20 from them. It malfunctioned 6 months later. I called Fuji directly numerous times, to no avail. Then I shared my frustration with Fuji with Andrew and Brian at Looking Glass, not expecting anything. But Andrew looked me in the eye and said sternly "Say no more. Let me take care of it." What followed was 3 months of painstaking work and back-and-forth that Andrew and his team took on just to get the case resolved. And to be clear, the problem wasn't with Looking Glass; it was with Fuji warranty and support team. And Looking Glass did NOT have to deal with all this BS on behalf of me, a relatively new customer who is a mere newbie in photography. But they took the case on nonetheless. And they solved it, with grace, and a smile. My. Goodness. Jen, Andrew, Brian, and the rest of the team now know me as "that Fuji XT20 hiker guy", and we bonded over the unfortunate event. Not just because physical retail shops need to exist for our communities, but because Looking Glass - specifically - is a special place where you feel that after all your adventures in the wild (I'm a backpacking guide and photographer), you've come home to a group of people who are really dedicated to the art and science of photography and are die-hard cheerleaders for their customers' work. If there's ever a Standard of Service Excellence that all retail should be measured against, Looking Glass lives it to the highest rate, every day." -Duncan C. (Google Review, January 2019)

Check out this video of some really great folks who we have helped over the years. We hope you enjoy it!