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Used Gear Team

A Used Gear Trade-In & Selling Experience You Can Trust



We're stoked to be working with two really good guys - Rob and Josh - who run a used camera retail operation based in Pensacola, Florida. This dynamic duo has worked with Looking Glass for countless years managing the store's annual in-store Trade-In Event. We trust them completely to treat you with respect, honesty and integrity. 

You're in good hands. Rob has 35 years of experience in the photo industry, working with dealers like Looking Glass across the country. He has a deep passion for all things photography, and especially loves vintage rangefinder cameras.  He also has an expert knowledge of current digital gear, vintage, collectibles, and everything in between. This passion and knowledge has served him well in developing confidence and trust with anyone looking to sell/trade-in their used gear. Rob’s colleague, Josh, brings the same passion and knowledge to the table and ensures each “Request for Quote” that’s submitted is answered quickly and accurately.

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