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Sony Alpha a9III Full Frame Mirrorless Digital Camera Body Only
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Sony Alpha a9III Full Frame Mirrorless Digital Camera Body Only

Sony Alpha a9III Full Frame Mirrorless Digital Camera Body Only

$5,999.99 Excl. tax

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Sony A9 III Mirrorless Camera Body - Unprecedented Imaging from the World’s First Global Shutter Full-Frame Sensor

Experience unprecedented imaging capabilities with the Sony A9 III, equipped with groundbreaking technology that redefines professional photography. This mirrorless camera boasts the world's first full-frame stacked 24.6 MP CMOS image sensor with a global shutter system. Unlike traditional rolling shutter sensors, this Exmor RS™ image sensor exposes and reads all pixels simultaneously, eliminating rolling shutter distortion. With a maximum shutter speed of 1/80,000 second (1/16,000 second during continuous shooting), the A9 III is a game-changer for capturing fast-moving subjects.


Blackout-Free Shooting with 120 fps Continuous Shooting and Full AF/AE Tracking

Blackout-free shooting at 120 fps with full AF/AE tracking sets the A9 III apart in terms of speed and accuracy. This camera allows you to capture decisive moments without interruption, even during continuous bursts, thanks to its advanced AI processing unit.

Preserve Split-Second Moments with Maximum Shutter Speed

Preserve split-second moments with the A9 III's maximum shutter speed of 1/80,000 second, ensuring sharp images of fast-moving subjects. The camera also synchronizes seamlessly with compatible flash units, guaranteeing even illumination at any shutter speed.


Exmor RS Image Sensor with Global Shutter System

The Exmor RS image sensor with a global shutter system features 24.6 million effective pixels, delivering high resolution and distortion-free results for fast-moving subjects. The stacked structure and advanced A/D conversion enable high-speed processing with minimal delay.

BIONZ XR™ Image Processing Engine

The BIONZ XR™ image processing engine provides up to eight times more processing power, reducing latency and significantly improving image quality. The A9 III can capture high-quality 14-bit RAW images in all shooting modes.

Composite RAW Shooting for Reduced Noise

Utilize Composite RAW Shooting to reduce noise in your images. This feature merges multiple images, allowing you to shoot wildlife at high shutter speeds or portraits in low light with exceptionally low noise, even at higher ISO settings.


Advanced 5-Axis Image Stabilization

The A9 III is equipped with advanced 5-axis image stabilization, ensuring sharp, blur-free images even at telephoto focal lengths.

Blackout-Free Shooting for Uninterrupted View

Enjoy blackout-free shooting with an uninterrupted viewfinder during fast-paced photography. The reduced time lag associated with EVF viewing ensures you never miss fleeting moments.

Up to 120 AF/AE Tracking Calculations per Second

The camera can perform up to 120 AF/AE tracking calculations per second, twice as many as its predecessor, ensuring precise subject tracking during continuous shooting.


Never Miss a Moment with Pre-Capture

Pre-Capture records moments before the shutter release, allowing you to capture split-second events with ease.

Continuous Shooting Speed Boost

Continuous Shooting Speed Boost temporarily increases the frame rate to capture fast-paced action accurately.

Real-Time Recognition AF

Real-time Recognition AF accurately tracks subjects, even when faces or eyes are obscured. The AI processing unit identifies various subjects, including humans, animals, birds, insects, cars, trains, and airplanes.

Reliable Recognition of a Wider Range of Subjects

The AI processing unit supports enhanced Human, Animal, Bird, Insect, Car/Train, and Airplane recognition. It is capable of recognizing various subjects with high precision.


Wide, Fast, Precise Autofocus and Tracking

The A9 III now features 759 phase-detection points in a high-density focal plane, covering nearly 95.6% of the image area. This Fast Hybrid AF system combines speed and tracking performance with high precision.

Match AF Tracking Response to Subject Movement

Whether the subject is moving, still, or changing speed, AF tracking can keep track. Simply select a setting [Stable], [Standard], and [Responsive], depending on the speed of the subject and shooting scenario.

Customizable Focus Area to Match the Subject

Customizable focus areas, flash sync at high shutter speeds, and flicker-free shooting expand creative possibilities.


Flash Sync at up to 1/80,000 Shutter Speed

Customizable focus areas, flash sync at high shutter speeds, and flicker-free shooting expand creative possibilities.

Flicker-Free Shooting

The global-shutter image sensor exposes all pixels simultaneously, so flicker cannot occur within a single image, but may appear between frames. To reduce this type of flicker, Anti-flicker Shooting or Hi frequency flicker-free shooting (Var. Shutter) functions can be used.

Global Shutter Eliminates Flash Banding

The A9 III’s advanced image sensor is equipped with a global shutter system that exposes and reads out all pixels at once, eliminating exposure differences that can arise, for example, when shooting alongside press photographers covering an event.

4K Movies Free of Rolling Shutter

Shoot 4K movies free of rolling shutter distortion with high resolution and detail. The A9 III captures 4K (3840 x 2160) movies at up to 120p, and at 60p with full pixel readout and 6K oversampling for dramatically reduced moiré and jaggies.


4K 120p Without Cropping

For the first time in the α line-up from Sony, the A9 III offers 4K (3840 x 2160) 120p movie recording without cropping, allowing users to utilize the full angle of view provided by any lens.

S-Cinetone™ for a Cinematic Look

Sony’s S-Cinetone picture profile provides the same color science that delivers beautiful colors and skin tones throughout the highly regarded Cinema Line range.

Breathing Compensation for Consistent Angle of View

Focus breathing compensation effectively reduces focus breathing when shooting movies.

Dynamic Active Mode Stabilization

A high-precision stabilization unit and gyro sensors built into the camera, plus optimized image stabilization algorithms, allow advanced electronic stabilization to work in conjunction with the camera's 5-axis optical in-body image stabilization system.

Auto Framing Keeps the Subject in a Prominent Position

Using AI-based subject recognition technology, the Auto Framing feature automatically crops the frame to keep the subject in a prominent position when shooting movies.


Uniquely Flexible Tilting Monitor

The A9 III features a 4-axis multi-angle monitor that combines the utility of a conventional tilting monitor with side-opening vari-angle flexibility.

New Front Custom Button

The camera comes with a new front Custom button for faster, easier operation while holding the grip.

QXGA 9.44 Million Dot Viewfinder

The 9.44 million-dot (approx.) OLED viewfinder includes 0.90x magnification with a 41° FOV for a clear, wide view, and an updated structure that results in a 25 mm high eyepoint.

Dual CFexpress Type A /SDXC/SDHC Compatible Media Slots

The A9 III’s media slots support CFexpress Type A cards, ideally suited to high-speed continuous still shooting at up to 120 fps.

Optional VG-C5 Vertical Grip

The optional VG-C5 Vertical Grip provides outstanding comfort and operability for long shooting sessions.

Rugged Reliability for Challenging Environments

The A9 III features outstanding dust and moisture resistance, thanks to design refinements with silicone rubber packing around buttons, lens-lock button, cushioning around the lens mount, and other areas.

Robust and Durable

With lightweight, high-rigidity magnesium alloy for its top cover, front cover, internal frame, and rear cover, the A9 III boasts high body durability, high shock resistance, and effective heat dissipation.

Shading Curtain Closed on Power-Off

A shading curtain protects the image sensor from dust and particles while changing lenses.

Ergonomic Grip Design

The A9 III features a grip with a new shape that improves hold and reduces physical stress on the user, even when shooting with heavy telephoto lenses or for long periods of time.


Improved Group Display

Workflow efficiency gets a drastic boost thanks to image groups. Images taken at up to 120 fps in continuous bursts can be defined as “groups,” making it easier to locate a specific image within a large group of images.

Built-in Wi-Fi for FTP and Smartphone Transfers Plus PC Remote Tethering

Built-in Wi-Fi allows high-speed data transfer, enabling the A9 III to transfer data up to twice as fast as its predecessor. GHz communication offers maximum speed and stability, essential for news and sports shooters.

Clearer Voice Memo Recording

Add clear voice memo metadata to still images through a dedicated voice memo microphone that’s built into the camera’s rear panel.

Multiple IPTC Presets

IPTC metadata can be added to still images, with the A9 III capable of internally storing up to 20 presets that can then be quickly selected when needed.

Dedicated Still/Movie/S&Q Dial for Flexible Hybrid Operation

Independently operable stacked drive mode and focus mode dials allow fast access and selection.

Anti-Dust System Increases Dust Removal Efficiency

Driven by an ultrasonic actuator, a filter in front of the image sensor oscillates at more than 70,000 cycles per second, effectively removing dust and particles from the filter surface.


1000BASE-T Ethernet for Fast Communication

The A9 III provides a built-in connector for wired 1000BASE-T, enabling fast, stable, up to 1 Gbps data transfers.

USB Type-C® Connector Supports SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps (USB 3.2)

A USB Type-C® connector supports fast SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps data transfer for backups as well as PC Remote (tethered) shooting.

Touch Operation During Shooting and Playback

The Touch Focus, Touch Tracking, and Touch Shutter functions can be sequentially activated by touching an icon on the shooting display.

UVC/UAC Support for High-Quality Webcam Applications

Easy streaming in 4K is possible with a UVC/UAC compatible smartphone or PC via USB connection, so the A9 III can be used as a high-resolution webcam.

USB PD (Power Delivery) Supports Fast Charging

The A9 III supports USB PD (Power Delivery), allowing higher power to be supplied from an external source.


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Any questions about this product?
Let’s talk! Email us at [email protected] or call us at +1-510-548-6888. We can even walk you through the product via online chat.

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Sony Sony Alpha a9III Full Frame Mirrorless Digital Camera Body Only
Sony Alpha a9III Full Frame Mirrorless Digital Camera Body Only
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