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Announcing Nikon Z 9 Firmware 2.0 - The Camera of the Year Just Got Better

Announcing Nikon Z 9 Firmware 2.0 - The Camera of the Year Just Got Better

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The Nikon Z 9 is one of the world’s most powerful hybrid still/video cameras. Firmware 2.0 takes that performance to an even higher level. Video enhancements that open new shooting possibilities and streamline workflow. Photography enhancements that give sports, action, event and night sky shooters more advantages in the field. Operation enhancements based on requests from passionate Z 9 shooters.

Top Upgrades:

  • Internal 12-bit RAW video. (ProRes RAW HQ and Nikon’s new N-RAW)
  • New Waveform display to confirm and monitor your exposure
  • New Pre-Release Capture to extend your reaction time
  • Create your own focus area with 20 New Custom Wide Area modes (12 new modes in video)


Ready to Update?

If you purchased your Nikon Z 9 from Looking Glass Photo, bring it in! We'll take care of it for you, absolutely free. If you purchased it elsewhere, we will complete the update for you for only $25. And if you are a DIY kinda person, follow the link below to the firmware download on Nikon's website. They have included instructions there for installing the update. Just use the download link below!


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