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Best Canon Cameras for Travel

Best Canon Cameras for Travel

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Meet the EOS R50, the Ultimate Travel Champion

Shoot and share with ease.

  • Quality images made simple with new automatic shooting modes like Advanced A+

  • Share photos and videos with seamless smartphone connection

  • Social media ready with vertical video

  • Get creative with stand-out slow motion videos in Full HD 120p



More Great Travel Camera Options

Find a camera that suits your travel and shooting style. Here are our top picks for the best travel cameras.


EOS R100


Weighing in at just 356g, this featherweight has built-in creativity with auto shooting modes.

• Compact and lightweight design
• Simple guided user interface
• Capture video to share




Weighing in at just 429g, this lightweight offers a high level of control with customization.

  • Flexibility to compose with multi-controller and quick control dial
  • Reliable subject tracking
  • Stand out videos




Weighing in at just 461g, this welterweight offers full frame power in a portable body - better image quality, background blur and wider angles of view.

  • Incredible low light performance
  • Freeze the action and capture rare and fleeting moments
  • Advanced video features

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