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New Full Frame Sony ZV-E1: Top 10 Things To Know

New Full Frame Sony ZV-E1: Top 10 Things To Know

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The Sony ZV-E1 is the flagship vlogging camera in the ZV lineup, and it’s packed with features based on feedback from creators. YouTube and video creator Miguel Quiles has had the opportunity to try out the new camera, and in this video he covers the top 10 things you should know about the new Sony ZV-E1, which he calls the “King of the ZV lineup.”


1. Compact Design

The new Sony ZV-E1 is the world’s smallest and lightest full frame interchangeable lens camera with Image Sensor Shift Stabilization. “Weighing in at only 483 grams, and that’s with the battery and memory card, it reminded me at first of the size of the Sony Alpha 7C,” explains Quiles. “Looking at them a little closer, however, I realized that the Sony ZV-E1 was actually smaller and lighter than the Alpha 7C which is pretty impressive considering that it still has In-Body Images Stabilization along with some other powerful features that vloggers and content creators are going to love.”

What’s most notable about Sony’s decision to go compact with this camera? Quiles says that in his opinion it’s the fact that they were able to put a sensor in it that gives you the same performance as Sony’s other cameras like the Sony FX3 or FX6, both of which he uses at his studio daily. “Getting that type of high-end performance in a small package are the kinds of innovations that I think vloggers will appreciate. Not to mention that it’s likely to go with you wherever you go.”

2. Video Recording Options

The ZV-E1 is currently able to shoot full frame 4K video in S, HS and All Intra formats up to 60 frames per second and HD video up to 120 frames per second with full pixel readout and no pixel binning. Quiles says these are typical recording options that he uses when shooting his videos, but he explains that in a few months it’s going to get even better for this camera. “In an upcoming firmware update scheduled for June 2023, you’ll also get 4K, 120p recording and full HD recording up to 240 frames per second. It’s pretty insane to see features like this in such a small camera, and it really opens up the possibility to create some visually interesting videos.”

3. Next Generation Auto-Focus

The ZV-E1 also features AI-based autofocus, which brings some very interesting advantages to the table for video creators. “With a dedicated AI processing unit which includes deep learning,” Quiles explains, “you can rely more on this camera to take care of some of the technical sides of creating video so that you can focus more on the creative things that you can get done.” 

The camera also has AI-based Dynamic Active Mode Stabilization with framing stabilizer. What does this mean? Using Dynamic Active Mode Stabilization, the ZV-1 will keep your subject in the frame when you’re shooting handheld. “You can have it set to track your subject and keep them in the center of the frame, or manually change that to give them room on either side of the frame to create some negative space and create a more natural feel,” Quiles says. “If you’re using an external recorder, the ZV-1 allows you to capture that video cropped or uncropped, giving you even more freedom to make your video footage look exactly the way you want.”

4. Audio Features

All video creators know the importance of good audio, and the new ZV-1 steps it up a level with its built-in microphones. The camera’s intelligent three-capsule internal microphone has some powerful features that are reminiscent of the Sony ECM-B10M microphones. “The built-in mics allow you to control the directionality of the audio pickup, so you can choose to capture audio from the front or the back of the camera, or capture audio from all directions.” Not sure what to choose? You can also use the AI-based auto control to let it choose what’s right for your given situation.

5. Next Generation Image Stabilization

Image stabilization is a must-have for vlogging, and the ZV-E1 comes with several options – SteadyShot Off, SteadyShot On, SteadyShot Active Mode and SteadyShot Dynamic Mode. The AI-based processor is what helps the ZV-E1 do this, and even adds tracking for birds, animals, cars, trains, planes and insects. It also has AI-based framing stabilization. By combining Dynamic Active Mode and AI recognition, it’s able to recognize the subject that you are recording and its position in the frame. So it automatically crops the image so that the subject’s position stays constant in the frame. “These are the kinds of features that I’m talking about,” Quiles says, “Features that let you as a one-person crew achieve shots that look like you have someone behind the camera. It’s all about adding production value in an easy, repeatable way.”

6. Cinematic Vlogging

The screen on the ZV-E1 has a feature called Cinematic Vlogging. When you press that button, it automatically gives you quick access to the setting that helps give your video that cinematic style. You can easily adjust the look and mood of your video as well as the autofocus transition speed. “Having these settings easily accessible is something I love to see. When I’m shooting videos on location I really want to focus more on getting my shots looking right and less time trying to get my camera setup. This setting helps me to achieve that goal.”

7. Touch Screen Interface

The ZV-E1 also has an awesome touchscreen interface and Quiles says it makes it even easier to create. “All of the features that I tend to use the most when I’m filming videos are right there on screen at the touch of a button.” 

8. Product Showcase

You’ve probably seen this exciting feature in the ZV-series before, and Quiles says it’s one that he didn’t realize just how much he would love. “When you activate this feature, the autofocus will automatically switch from focusing on me, to whatever it is that I’m holding up to the camera, and then back on to me as you’re seeing in this clip. Letting the ZV-E1 take care of this task for you frees you up to get your videos done quickly with way less hassle.”

9. In-Camera Timelapse

Who doesn’t love a good timelapse? It’s a great way to step up the production value of your videos, and with the ZV-E1 it is now easier than ever. “On the ZV-E1 you can capture and stitch your timelapse together in camera to show the passage of time in a unique and creative way. It creates a video file which saves you time in post-processing and simply looks great.”

10. ISO Capabilities

The ZV-E1 has ISO performance all the way up to 409,600 – so you can capture great video in challenging lighting situations. “When the sun goes down it’s common for vloggers to put their cameras away, but with the ZV-E1 you can continue capturing steady, beautiful looking video just like you’re seeing right now.”

Learn more about the new Sony ZV-E1 HERE.

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