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New Super Prime Featherweight: NIKKOR Z 400mm f4.5 VR S

New Super Prime Featherweight: NIKKOR Z 400mm f4.5 VR S

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The smallest, lightest 400mm prime in its class.

Price: $3,249 - 1st Deliveries: Expected Mid-July - Preorder Now

Travel light and move fast. Comfortably shoot handheld with unwavering accuracy. Capture the sharpness and beautiful bokeh only a prime lens can deliver. The NIKKOR Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S is the super-telephoto prime for those who use agility and speed to nail decisive views of birds, wildlife, sports and aircraft. 

  • S-Line Premium Optics
  • 400mm Super-Telephoto Prime
  • 1160g Lightweight
  • VR Image Stabilization (5.5 stops)2
  • 8.21 ft Close Focusing
  • FX Full-Frame Z Cameras


“The perfect balance between mobility, stability and performance.” -Michelle Valberg, Wildlife Photographer and Nikon Canada Ambassador

“A super sharp and fast lens that I could have in my bag all the time.” -Jaanus Ree, Sports and Action Photographer

“All NIKKOR Z lenses have high resolving power, but this lens is outstanding among them.” -Ken Goshima, Aircraft and Architecture Photographer


Super-telephoto prime for the traveler.

Just over 9 inches long and 2.5 lbs., the NIKKOR Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S pairs great with Z cameras and fits most gear bags and backpacks, so you can always have it on-hand.
Photo of a fox, close up, taken with the NIKKOR Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S lens

400mm. Bring the action to you.

400mm is an ideal lens for birds, wildlife and action. It provides the massive reach you need to get closer with enough field of view to easily acquire and track fast subjects. You can even focus on subjects as close as 2.5 meters away to reveal every little detail.

Photo of a man windsurfing, taken with the NIKKOR Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S lens

Prime image quality.

NIKKOR Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S photo of a small animal looking at the camera


Super ED, ED and SR glass elements virtually eliminate chromatic aberration and color fringing.
NIKKOR Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S photo of a plane on a runway at night


Point-light sources are rendered sharp.


Outstanding resolution that extends all the way to the frame edges with minimal vignetting.

Bokeh beyond f/4.5.

The optical design of the NIKKOR Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S is optimized for a smooth bokeh effect that enhances the natural compression of 400mm.

S-Line. Premium optics.

The NIKKOR Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S bears the S-Line designation, reserved for premium NIKKOR Z lenses with the most advanced optics, superior resolution, beautiful bokeh, robust weather sealing and precision design.
NIKKOR Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S photo of a cyclist on a bicycle, with the background blurred from panning

Up to 6.0 stops of VR.

Extraordinary built-in optical VR achieves an effect of shooting up to 6.0 stops* faster on a camera that supports Synchro VR and 5.5 stops* faster on all other Z cameras. Drag the shutter with confidence for smooth panning shots.

*Based on CIPA Standard; in NORMAL mode; this value is achieved when attached to a mirrorless camera equipped with a 35mm film size image sensor.

NIKKOR Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S photo of a wolf looking at the camera

Quick. Quiet. Accurate.

Autofocus is powered by Nikon's STM stepping motor, a highly efficient type of motor that moves in precise intervals at remarkable speed and in near silence, ideal for video and capturing skittish wildlife.
Photo of a woman photographer shooting with the NIKKOR Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S in profile with water in the background

Outstanding balance & handling.

Designed for on-the-go handheld shooting, the lens' center of gravity is closer to the camera body. This makes it easier to bring the camera to your eye, acquire your subject and fluidly track it.
Photo of a Nikon Z series body with a Z Teleconverter and the NIKKOR Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S lens

Pairs great with Z teleconverters.

The lens becomes a 560mm f/6.3 lens with the Z Teleconverter TC-1.4x or an 800mm f/9 lens with the Z Teleconverter TC-2.0x.
NIKKOR Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S photo of a dolphin leaping out of the water

Tight compositions with DX Crop Mode.

Mimics the field of view of a 600mm lens for a closer framing of your subject.

Nothing holding you back.

illustration showing the weather sealing of the NIKKOR Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S lens

Advanced weather sealing.

Rubber gaskets keep dust, dirt and moisture out of moving parts, including the lens mount. The front element has Nikon’s nonstick Fluorine Coat, which repels oil, moisture and smudges and easily wipes clean.

Perfect dustproof and waterproof performance is not guaranteed under all conditions.

NIKKOR Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S photo of a jet plane in flight with the setting sun behind, in an orange sky

Nano Crystal Coat blocks flare.

Shoot into harsh backlighting with virtually no internal reflections, glare or cross-lighting. Capture sharp, high contrast images at the most challenging times of day.
product photo close up of the NIKKOR Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S showing the memory set button

Recall stored focus positions.

Save a focus position with the Memory Set button. As your subject approaches the decisive moment, instantly snap back to that saved position using the Fn or Fn2 buttons.

Form meets function.

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