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Nikon Z 8 Savings Event

Nikon Z 8 Savings Event

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Pick your favorite way to save on the Nikon Z 8. Or pick both ways!

One of our all-time most popular cameras, the Z 8 is truly a game changing tool for your photography. Already know you want one? Let's get started! You'll find more info below on these incredible saving opportunities. Not sure if the Z 8 is right for you? Come on in and see the Z 8 firsthand with our expert staff ready to walk you through the benefits and features of the Z 8 and answer any questions you may have.



$300 Bonus Trade-In Savings + Trade-In Value

In-Person Trade-Ins (in the store)

STEP 1: Send us an email at [email protected] and let us know the gear (working camera and/or lenses) you would like to trade-in, some snapshots of the gear, and any description and/or information of the gear’s condition, etc.

STEP 2: Looking Glass will send you an email within 2-3 business days with a rough estimate of the trade-in credit you will receive. This estimate is conditional, and the final offer will depend on confirming your gear’s condition and description.

STEP 3: If you accept the estimate, we will schedule an appointment with you to come in with your gear for drop-off or on-the-spot final evaluation if that is your preference. Once we inspect and verify your gear, we will let you know the final offer value for Final Acceptance. Once you accept the final offer, your account at Looking Glass will receive the value credit to be combined with the $300 Bonus Savings! 

Questions? Ask us with our Contact Form.


Bundle & Save - Qualifying Lenses with Z 8 Purchase

Bundle Qualifying Lenses with a Z 8 for More Savings

Bundle up to 3 qualifying lenses and receive an additional $200 savings on each, up to $600! Add-in the current national instant rebates, and we're talking quite substantial savings. See for yourself, below:


Example Savings Scenario

Suppose you buy a Z 8 camera body and trade-in a used camera for the $300 trade-in rebate. Assume the value of your trade-in is $400 as determined by our Used Gear Guyers. Combined, that's a $700 credit toward your Z 8. Now let's say you bundle the Nikkor Z 24-70mm and the Nikkor Z 50mm qualifying lenses. That's another $900 saved, bringing your grand total savings to a whopping $1,600! 

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