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The New Nikon Z 30 is a Creator's Dream

The New Nikon Z 30 is a Creator's Dream

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Creator ready.

Compact, lightweight 4K setup for creators, vloggers and streamers.

Creators, meet the camera you’ve been looking for. The Z 30 is packed with the features you need, like a front-facing screen, crisp 4K video, crystal-clear audio and worry-free autofocus. Designed to inspire your best work with easy operation, smart connectivity and convenience.

Price starts at $709 with various kits available (more on that further below). First deliveries expected mid-July.


Shown with accessories from the Creator's Accessory Kit (sold separately)

Elevate your content with standout video quality.



Effortless live streaming up  to 60p.

Stand out among a competitive field of streamers with Full HD 60p and 4K 30p video quality. Also works great with compatible web conferencing applications.

Fast, reliable autofocus.

Eye and face tracking.

Eye-Detect AF Mode: Locks on to the eyes of people, dogs and cats and follows them.

Product close-ups.

Auto Area AF Mode: Focus automatically repositions when you hold something up to the camera.

Vlogger essentials.

Travel protection.

LCD closes inward to avoid fingerprints, smudges or scratches.

Red REC lamp.

Always know when you’re recording.

Selfie controls.

Tap the screen to change focus positions and adjust brightness. When shooting photos, you can also set the self-timer.

Crystal clear audio.

Built-in stereo mic.


Outdoor wind muff. (Sold separately)


External mic ready. (External mic sold separately)

Easy to use.

A shortcut to the settings you use most.

Easily build a custom ℹ menu, and access it with the press of a button.


Auto Mode.

Let the camera select the best settings for your situation.

Steady handheld shots.

Both Z 30 kit lenses have powerful image stabilization technology that reduces shakiness when you’re walking and talking. The Z 30 also has built-in e-VR when you want extra stabilization for video.

Remote control keeps you front and center.

Free camera control app.

See what the camera sees, start and stop recording and take photos with the free Nikon SnapBridge app.


Optional Bluetooth®remote.

Start and stop recording, take photos, control playback and access menus from a distance.

Included in the Z 30 Creator’s Accessory Kit.

Beautiful photos.

Sharp details. Natural skin tones. Great for thumbnail images, promotional posts, stories and the kind of photos that go beyond what a smartphone can achieve.

Stories with style.

Stellar 120p slow-motion.

Easy in-camera time lapse.

Artistic presets and filters.


Need constant power? Just plug in the camera.

When you’re near a power source, use a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable like the Nikon UC-E25 to shoot all day.

UC-E25 Cable sold separately

Keep rolling for over 2 hours straight.

Let the Z 30 roll for up to 125 minutes* so you can record take after take without having to start and stop the camera.

*Recording may stop before 125 minutes, depending on battery life and camera’s internal temperature.

Need help? Tap the (?)

See a short, clear explanation of what each camera setting does. Learn while you use the camera.

Transfer photos and short video clips to your smart device.

Use the free Nikon SnapBridge app to wirelessly share between the Z 30 and a compatible smartphone or tablet in the moment.

Nikon lenses expand your creativity.

16-50mm Lens

An all-purpose wide-angle zoom lens with image stabilization. Great for selfie videos, how-to demos, testimonials and more.


A lightweight telephoto zoom lens with image stabilization. Gets you closer to distant subjects and creates beautiful blurred backgrounds.

Many more options.

The Z 30 works with every NIKKOR Z lens, from close-up macro lenses to fast primes, so you can find your personal style.

Build the creator’s kit of your dreams.

Camera shown with Creator’s Accessory Kit



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