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The Upcoming Canon EOS R3 - A Glimpse Into This Powerful New Camera

The Upcoming Canon EOS R3 - A Glimpse Into This Powerful New Camera

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The introduction of the EOS R5 and EOS R6 cameras was a bold step up in the full-frame mirrorless camera category, and just the beginning of our quest to meet the diverse needs of professionals and serious enthusiast photographers seeking solutions.


To build on their success and leverage advancements in technology that have come along since, Canon Inc. announces the future development of a new class of EOS R camera. Landing between the robust EOS R5 and Canon’s flagship EOS-1D X Mark III, the Canon EOS R3 will be designed to satisfy the most demanding expectations in a professional camera — emphasizing speed, performance, and reliability.



Stacked Sensor

Canon’s first full-frame, back-illuminated stacked CMOS image sensor in the EOS R3 will deliver substantially faster read-out speeds, and produce much lower "rolling shutter" distortion than previous EOS models.


Electronic Shutter

Electronic Shutter operation will take full advantage of the EOS R3’s sensor design. With its superb read-out speeds, continuous shooting up to 30fps (with RAW images), with full AF, in all auto exposure shooting modes, will be available with the EOS R3. And, Speedlite shooting will be possible with the R3’s electronic shutter active.




The EOS R5 and R6 were only the beginning. Using Deep Learning technology, the upcoming EOS R3 will offer enhanced AF performance and tracking capabilities, with even better face-, eye-, head- and body-detection. And now, the EOS R3 will add vehicle subject recognition and tracking, for cars and motorcycles, especially in motorsports environments.



Eye Control AF

For the first time in an EOS R series camera, Eye Control AF will allow users to set the focus point in the viewfinder, by simply looking at it — for incredibly fast changes in where the camera focuses, or to set the initial point from which the EOS R3’s AF system will track moving subjects.1


1During still-image shooting only, through the electronic viewfinder. Eye Control AF may not be possible, depending upon individual characteristics or shooting conditions, and may not be possible for users wearing bifocal eyeglasses, certain types of sunglasses or mirror sunglasses, or certain hard contact lenses.



Rugged Body

Canon’s upcoming EOS R3 will feature a solid yet lightweight magnesium alloy body and carry forward the integrated vertical grip similar to the 1D series cameras, emphasizing both horizontal and vertical handling for challenging shooting situations. Weather-resistance and durability will equal Canon’s top-of-the-line EOS-1D X Mark III camera. Power will be delivered by the same Canon LP-E19 battery pack that powers the EOS-1D X Mark III. And, the EOS R3 will have three primary input dials, giving familiar operation to current Canon EOS users.


Low-light Performance

Able to autofocus in light as low as EV -7 or more2, along with up to 8 stops3 of Coordinated IS control when used with RF lenses featuring Optical Image Stabilization, the EOS R3 will deliver amazing performance even in remarkably dark areas.


2Still photos, with an f/1.2 lens except RF lenses with a Defocus Smoothing (DS) coating, center AF point, and One-Shot AF, at room temperature and ISO 100.


3Using RF24-105mm F4 L IS USM, in yaw and pitch directions, with f=105mm, and as based on CIPA standards.


Video Flexibility

With the EOS R3, you will be able to shoot in high-quality 4K with Canon Log3 and oversampled 4K, and RAW movie internal recording. AF tracking for people, animals and motorsports will be possible while recording video as well.


Network Capabilities

To assist with your professional or personal photo and video endeavors, the EOS R3 will have Wired LAN and 5GHz Wi-Fi4 (11ac equivalent) built-in so you have the flexibility of wired or wireless connections and the necessary support for high-speed image transfer.


4Supports 5GHz Wi-Fi-compatible models only. Specifications may vary depending on country and region


Designed to Deliver

The EOS R3 will feature a multi controller to help you easily select the AF point, quickly change Menu settings, and more. And, the R3 will also be equipped with a smart controller—similar to that on the EOS-1D X Mark III —that lets you quickly shift AF point locations, or a starting point for Servo AF tracking. A Vari-angle LCD will make it easy to compose shots at virtually any angle, and will be touchscreen to enable you to access menus, change settings and more on the fly. And a new accessory shoe will provide options for data communication and power, supporting new accessories.


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