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Through Jen’s Lens: A candid conversation about various camera systems

Through Jen’s Lens: A candid conversation about various camera systems

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Wednesday, June 14th @ 5:30PM | Online Live via Zoom

In the ever-evolving world of photography, finding the perfect camera system(s) for your personal style and needs can be a daunting task. With countless options available, each boasting unique features and capabilities, it's crucial to navigate through the sea of choices thoughtfully. Today, we invite you to an online and interactive chat with Jen, the owner of Looking Glass Photo, as she walks through the camera systems she personally uses and the reasons behind her choices. 

Dive into the World of Camera Systems:

As an accomplished photographer with access to a diverse range of cameras and lenses, Jen has had ample experience using various systems in myriad situations. During the discussion, she will share some of her adventures and stories, supported by captivating images in a show-and-tell style. Curious about why she shoots what she shoots and how she tailors her gear selection to different shooting situations? This chat promises a glimpse into her thought process, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of the strengths she has found in various systems.

Embracing the Power of Multiple Camera Systems:

Some might say Jen's embrace of multiple camera systems is unconventional. We say it’s a testament to her creative spirit. Rather than limiting herself to the capabilities of a single system, she has chosen to explore and learn the benefits of using multiple tools. Through Jen's experience, you'll discover the advantages and possibilities that arise from embracing more than one camera system. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic beginner, this discussion could be illuminating.

A Tale of Three Systems:

Jen will shed light on her experiences with three remarkable camera systems that she currently owns and regularly shoots: Leica M, Nikon Z, and OM-System (Olympus Micro 4/3). Each system has its own unique strengths and applications, showcasing a diversity of options. Please note: While Jen will focus on her experience of these three systems, she has shot with most other systems as well. So bring your questions - after all, this is supposed to be an interactive group experience!

Leica: Documenting the In-Betweens

Jen has been capturing the in-between moments for most of her life. From the personal family moments, to behind the scenes during commercial shoots and presentations, and even aerials from the plane and around the airport every time she travels. She loves finding quiet moments of beauty that fall in-between the moments that we typically think of as ‘photographic’ and her Leica is the tool that comes along and helps capture the magic she sees in these “In-Betweens”.

Nikon: A Wildlife Adventure

While recently capturing the wonders of Uganda's wildlife, Jen's go-to camera was the Nikon Z 9. Nikon's versatile Z mirrorless system allows her to seamlessly switch between stills and video shooting, and easily accommodates her needs to switch between DX and full-frame modes. The exceptional image quality and focus-tracking of the Nikon Z 9 has proven to be a game-changer, enabling Jen to capture the essence of wildlife in remarkable detail.

Olympus: Dancing with Hummingbirds

In Ecuador, Jen found herself immersed in a world of vibrant hummingbirds. For this particular adventure, she relied primarily on the OM System OM-1 mirrorless camera, renowned for its compact and lightweight design. The OM-1's specialized bird subject detection mode, combined with the powerful 300mm f4 PRO lens, allowed Jen to capture stunning moments while maintaining mobility and flexibility in challenging conditions.

Being Thoughtful When Choosing Your Gear:

As the discussion unfolds, Jen will explore the question that many photographers face: Which camera system is the right one for our varied needs and wants as creators? By delving into her personal experiences and decision-making process, Jen will offer thoughtful insight about making choices based on your specific needs and photographic aspirations. Additionally, she will discuss the advantages of using multiple camera systems to unlock your creative potential as an image-maker.

Join Us for the Online Chat:

The world of camera systems is vast and filled with endless possibilities. Join us for this captivating discussion with Jen, as she shares her insights into the gear that fuels her creative vision, and helps make it possible. Through real-life examples, images, video and expert advice, you'll add to your understanding of various camera systems. And of course, plenty of time for Q&A, when things often get really fun and interesting!


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