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Why Choose an APS-C (crop sensor) Camera?

Why choose APS-C?

EOS R10 fullframe vs aps-c comparison

Get closer

The crop factor of an APS-C sensor makes smaller or more distant subjects larger in the frame, which in effect increases the effective focal length of any lens by 1.6x. This can be a major advantage in genres such as wildlife, action and sports photography. Using a high-performance yet affordable lens such as a 70-300mm telephoto zoom lens on an APS-C camera gives an effective zoom range of 112-480mm, taking it into super-telephoto territory.

eos r7 fullframe vs aps-c comparison

Maintain quality

You could crop images from a full-frame camera to create the same reach effect, but the megapixel count would be reduced, so the resulting images would be smaller and hence less sharp when enlarged again. Shooting with an APS-C format camera also saves the time and effort of manually cropping images at the editing stage.

EOS 850D

Compact and lightweight

Because APS-C sensors are smaller, cameras can be made more compact and lighter weight, which is ideal for street and travel photography. Since a smaller image circle is required from a lens designed for APS-C cameras, the lens can be smaller and lighter weight as well, and consequently can be more affordable.


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