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Canon Powershot V10 Vlog Camera - Silver
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Canon Powershot V10 Vlog Camera - Silver

Canon Powershot V10 Vlog Camera - Silver

$349.99 Excl. tax
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The PowerShot V10 is a vlog and still camera in a new highly portable form factor with components from the popular G-Series line that lets you create impressive videos on-the-go. With stereo sound capture, a built-in stand, and easy live streaming, this cam is ready to go when you are.  Don’t let its size fool you, this is a vlogging studio in a compact package that can be operated with one hand to let you express your story!

Small, holdable, and pocketable

The small form factor of this camera makes it incredibly easy to hold and shoot video with.  You really have to hold it in your hands to appreciate it.  The thing that makes it really usable though is the simple menu systems, one button recording and that the camera powers up almost instantly, so it’s ready to go when you are.  

Hands Holding the PowerShot V10

Stand Right There

The PowerShot V10 comes with a built-in stand.  This incredibly convenient feature allows you to place the camera almost anywhere to get the shots you need.  It can lean the camera back or forward with 30 degrees of angle for both.  Perfect for looking up at your face from a table, or looking down onto the food you are cooking at the stove.  You could even hold the camera by the handle upside down, and the camera will reorient the video for you. If all of that isn’t enough, of course you can still use a traditional tripod.

Did You Hear That?

Sound is just as crucial as video when vlogging, which is why we’ve included two large stereo microphones to capture your voice clearly, and a third microphone to help cancel out unwanted sounds.  No messing with lavalier mics clipped to clothing, or big, bulky microphones, with the V10, the whole studio is right in your hand.

Seeing the Whole Picture

We spent a lot of time perfecting the right lens for this camera.  The 19mm (35mm equivalent) lens on the V10 is perfect for getting yourself and anyone else you want into the frame, but more importantly, it’s wide-angle enough that if you are recording yourself, you don’t have to have your arm completely outstretched, so you look more natural, and you can make a video without exhausting your muscles!

How Do I Look?

With the 1” CMOS sensor, like those used in the popular PowerShot G series cameras, you are going to look great, even in low light!  The built-in subject detection helps to keep your face in focus and well-lit.  That is really just the beginning, the V10 also has image stabilization, exposure control, Movie auto level, smooth skin movie mode, a built-in automatic ND-filter, and more!

Going Sideways

By default the PowerShot V10 captures video horizontally, but that isn’t always what you need. Want to go vertical? No problem. Just turn the camera on its side and it will automatically change the aspect ratio to vertical.


What is a vlog shoot without some filters?  The PowerShot V10 has 14 color filters built-in so you can change the mood and ambiance to fit the scene.  There is also one extra filter that is kind of special.  It’s an automatic ND Filter (Neutral Density), which helps darken a video without affecting how the colors look.  This helps the camera avoid using really fast shutter speeds which can result in unnatural, jerky motion on-screen.

It's A Still Camera Too!

When you need to capture behind the scenes images, don’t forget that you already have a fully functional still camera in your hand. The high-sensitivity 15.2-megapixel,  1-inch CMOS sensor captures some great images with Auto Photo mode (equivalent to A+ Scene Intelligent Auto).

Stream Baby Stream

The PowerShot V10 has a free companion app – Canon Camera Connect – that lets you communicate with a compatible smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Using the app, you can transfer images and videos to share on social media, as well as control the camera remotely and livestream.  If you are recording videos to work on later, you can sign up for so your video footage is automatically uploaded there when the camera is charging and in range of Wi-Fi.  Once your videos are uploaded to, you can have them forwarded to other cloud services like Google Drive or  You can even edit the files directly from in applications like Adobe Premiere.

UVC Support

The PowerShot V10 has UVC (USB Video Class) support built-in, so it can work with any device that supports the UVC standard and can even act as web camera without the need for any additional drivers.


Sometimes you just want to share on the big screen right away, and you can!  The PowerShot V10 has an HDMI micro output port for just such an occasion.


Any questions about this product?
Let’s talk! Email us at [email protected] or call us at +1-510-548-6888. We can even walk you through the product via online chat.
Any questions about this product?
Let’s talk! Email us at [email protected] or call us at +1-510-548-6888. We can even walk you through the product via online chat.

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Canon Canon Powershot V10 Vlog Camera - Silver
Canon Powershot V10 Vlog Camera - Silver
✓ Save $80 with instant savings through June 30, 2024!
✓ In Stock Now for quic...
$429.99 $429.99 $349.99 $349.99


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