Sony Alpha ZV-E10 - APS-C Vlog Camera - BLK w/ 16-50 Lens Kit - Looking Glass Photo & Camera


Sony Alpha ZV-E10 - APS-C Vlog Camera - BLK w/ 16-50 Lens Kit
$799.99 $699.99 Excl. tax
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Sony Alpha ZV-E10 - APS-C Vlog Camera - BLK w/ 16-50 Lens Kit

Sony Alpha ZV-E10 - APS-C Vlog Camera - BLK w/ 16-50 Lens Kit

$699.99 Excl. tax

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Introducing the VLOG Camera Made Just for You


Top Features

  • Wide lens selection with versatile E-mount system   
  • Large 24.2MP* APS-C Exmor CMOS Sensor and fast BIONZ X processor   
  • 4K Movie3 oversampled from 6k w/ full pixel readout, no pixel binning    
  • Fast Hybrid AF, Real Time Eye-AF3 and Real-time AF tracking   
  • 3” flip-out, vari-angle touch LCD makes framing and vlogging easy    
  • Background Defocus button instantly toggles between bokeh on/off   
  • Product Showcase Setting transitions focus from face to object   
  • Face Priority AE keeps faces exposed correctly in harsh lighting   
  • 3-Capsule directional mic w/ wind screen, 3.5mm jack, MI shoe audio   
  • Easy live streaming w/ single USB cable and no extra hardware/software    
  • Image stabilization w/ active mode suppresses shake even while walking   
  • Easy speed-up and slowed-down motion with S&Q   
  • Interval Shooting for stunning time-lapse videos6   
  • Optimized color with enhanced skin-tone reproduction    
  • Pro video functions incl. HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) and S-Log3/2   
  • 7x adjustable AF Transition Speeds, 5x AF Subject Shift Sensitivity   
  • Up to 11fps10 Silent11 or Mechanical Shutter with AE/AF tracking   
  • Multi Interface Shoe™ for flash or digital audio with external mic.13   
  • SuperSpeed USB Type-C™ (USB 3.1 Gen 1 compatible) and Micro USB   
  • No 29m 50s continuous recording limit for movie shooting   
  • Camera control and file sharing with Android and iOS smartphones15   
  • Easy-to-push REC button with front facing Rec. tally light   
  • Soft Skin Effect enhances face appeal for still and movie   
  • Up to 11fps9 fast continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking   
  • Wi-Fi® for easy file transfer and remote camera control   
  • Compact lightweight and easy to handle body grip  

Wide and dynamic footage

With a wide-angle lens it's easy to capture dynamic footage, spotlighting both you and your location when you're taking selfies. Capture more of the city or the natural backdrop, and bring your viewers along with you in a shared experience.

Attention-grabbing background

A fixed focal length lens makes it easy to shoot a vlog that grabs the viewer's attention- This type of lens creates a smooth, natural background blur that lets the subject stand out. It's also useful when 'you want a brighter image in a dimly lit setting.

Super close-ups highlight the details

Unlike other types of lenses, a macro lens can get you closer to your subject, allowing you to capture the small details at a bigger size than with normal lenses. Whether it's an accessory you're wearing or a meal you're preparing, a macro lens can pull in very close to your subject and show off every glorious detail.

Far-away action

With a telephoto lens, you can shoot far-off objects, scenery or action with clear detail, whether you're vlogging while travelling or just shooting everyday life. Zooming in and out can also add an extra dynamic element to your story.

Expand your vlogging with over 60 lenses

Sony's lens line-up can add an extra dimension to the vlogs you make with the ZV-E10. Sony offers more than sixty lenses that are ideally designed for Sony cameras, including lenses that are tailored to moviemaking. Select from a unique line-up of lenses, and explore your powers of self-expression.

One-touch control of background blurring

There's no need for complicated manual adjustments - just press a single button to turn background blurring (bokeh) on and o!. Select “Defocus” for a professional-looking blurred background to draw attention to the main subject, or “Clear” to show the entire scene in sharp focus.


Add drama with slow and quick motion1

With the ZV-E10's Still/Movie/S&Q button, you can easily access S&Q mode to shoot slow-motion video1 at a speed 4x slower than real time2 3. Or, by changing the setting, you can shoot quick motion1 3 up to 60x faster. These can be shot without post-editing on a PC, with clear Full-HD quality.


Ideal for product-review videos

Eliminate the frustration of recording product review videos. When the Product Showcase Setting is activated, the camera will quickly and automatically shift focus from your face to a product held in front of the camera, without the need to place your hand behind the product to shift the focus to it.


Natural and smooth skin tones

Without any special settings, the ZV-E10 will capture your skin tone with a natural look. There's also a Soft Skin E!ect to smooth your skin's appearance, which is adjustable to OFF/ Low/ Mid /High4 depending on your preference.

High-quality video even when you're moving

The ZV-E10's image stabilisation system can shoot smooth, clean video footage even when you're walking5. Another feature, Face Priority Auto Exposure (AE), will automatically brighten the lighting of your face. Even when you're walking, it automatically detects your face and makes adjustments to keep it brightly lit as you move from indoors to outdoors, through light or shadow.


Automatic, precise focus

Without any settings, the ZV-E10 can automatically track your face and eyes to keep a steady focus without wandering o! onto other subjects. When you do want to shift focus, just touch the LCD monitor and the camera will track the subject you choose with AI-enabled6 Real-time Tracking7.


Smooth, professional focus transition

With the ZV-E10, focus speed can be customised to fit the mood, for a more impressive look. The camera lets you choose from seven di!erent speeds8, from a quick transition to a more leisurely one. Watch the video below for inspiration on its use.


Shooting grip for smoother vlogging

The optional GP-VPT2BT9 makes it even easier to take selfies and shoot from high or low angles. You can also access controls on the grip without reaching for the camera's buttons while shooting. With these controls you can start and stop recording, handle zoom operations and set the Background Defocus (Bokeh) Switch.

The larger sensor makes a difference in quality

The ZV-E10's impressive images are the result of the camera's large APS-C sized image sensor – the same kind found in cameras all the way up to professional cinema models. The sensor is more than ten times larger10 than ones you would find in a typical smartphone, so it collects far more light and more image data, in order to create beautiful images and evocative bokeh e!ects.

Professional-looking bokeh at your command

The ZV-E10 makes it easy to shoot impressive images with a softly blurred background, like the kind you see in movies. The camera's large-size sensor makes this possible, allowing you to take striking shots where the subject really stands out against the background.

Impressive 4K movies11

Making high-resolution 4K movies11 is as easy as pressing the MOVIE button12, and the ZV-E10's large image sensor enables a beautiful range of colors. For maximum detail, the image sensor records 2.4x13 the volume of data needed for 4K11, then condenses the data to produce the final recording.

Clean footage in dim lighting

Even when you're shooting in poorly lit settings, the ZV-E10 delivers beautifully detailed images with minimal noise. Once again, it's all thanks to the large size of the camera's image sensor, which maximises light collection. The result is clear, clean images even when shooting indoors with dim lighting or outdoors at night.

Built for Clear Voice Recording

The ZV-E10 makes it easy to clearly record your voice without any worries. The internal Directional 3-Capsule Mic is optimised to capture sound from in front of the camera, recording your voice clearly even when you're in a crowd.

Clear sound recording even outdoors in the wind

The ZV-E10 comes with a wind screen that reduces wind noise when you're shooting outdoors. Just attach the wind screen for worry-free shooting, and you won't have to adjust noise levels after shooting.


For even higher audio quality

Unlike with conventional analog audio transmission, you'll never need to worry about cable signal interference. Just pair the ZV-E10 with any microphone from Sony that supports a Digital Audio Interface via a Multi Interface (MI) Shoe for clear, low-noise, all-digital audio.

Simple remote connectivity with high-quality images

The ZV-E10 can be used as an online communication tool, a live-streaming camera14, taking advantage of its large sensor and built-in mic. To use the ZV-E10 as an external camera14, connect it to a PC15 or a Sony Xperia™ smartphone16 via a USB Type-C® cable connection.

Learn more about the ZV-E10

  1. With compatible Sony external flash
  2. With compatible extemal flash
  3. Varies according to shooting conditions or memory card used
  4. Supports Micro USB compatible device.
  5. Sony accessories for the Accessory Shoe can be attached.
  6. The LCD screen is turned on, shot once every 30 seconds, operate zoom alternately between W and T ends, flash strobe once every two times, tum power off and on once every ten times.
  7. Indication recording time, which is defined by repeating the cycle: Power on, start recording, zoom , stand-by and power off
  8. Approximately, when compared with a 1/2.3 inch sensor
  9. 4K (QFHD 3,840 x 2, 160)
  10. When shooting at XAVC S 4K 24p.
  11. With battery and memory card included.
  12. Optical zoom requires a power zoom lens. For other lenses, change the setting to "Clear Image Zoom" or "Digital Zoom" for electronic zoom.
  13. Employing Al (artificial intelligence) technology, including machine leaning.
  14. Sound recording is not possible. A Class 10 or above SDHC/SDXC card is required.
  15. Image crop in Active Mode. Active Mode is not available when recording at frame rates of 120 (100) fps, including S&Q_
  16. A Class 10 or higher SDHC/SDXC card is required for XAVC S format movie recording. I-IHS speed Class 3 or higher is required for 100 Mbps recording.
  17. Frame rates are 1-120fps (NTSC) or 1-100fps (PAL)
  18. In-camera movie playback is in the horizontal position. Whether or not movies are displayed in the vertical position on an external device may depend on the particular device.
  19. Please use the latest version.
  20. When shooting stills, eleven effects are available. Not available when shooting in Intelligent Auto mode.
  21. Wi-Fi does not work during interval shooting.
  22. Set to movie mode and select "USB Streaming" from Menu before you connect to compatible devices.
  23. Windows 10, Windows 8.1/macOS 10.13 - 10.15, macOS 11.0. Please refer to the Sony website, or contact customer support for information regarding support on upcoming Xperia TU smartphones. Compatibility with other smartphones depends on manufacturers' specifications. A commercially available USB cable and/or terminal adaptor may be used to connect to equipment with a USB Type-C port.
  24. Continuous recording time for movies.
  25. CIPA standards.
  26. Supported in Catalyst Browse/Prepare Version 2020.1 or later Image stabilization metadata that can be used by Catalyst is generated when using a Sony E-mount lens with the camera's optical image stabilization set to [OFF] or [Active].
  27. Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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Any questions about this product?
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Any questions about this product?
Let’s talk! Email us at [email protected] or call us at +1-510-548-6888. We can even walk you through the product via online chat.

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Sony Sony Alpha ZV-E10 - APS-C Vlog Camera - BLK w/ 16-50 Lens Kit
Sony Alpha ZV-E10 - APS-C Vlog Camera - BLK w/ 16-50 Lens Kit
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