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    Sony Lens FE 14mm F1.8 GM



    Highlights at a Glance:

    • Ultra-wide 14mm with spectacular resolution throughout - up to F1.8
    • F1.8 max aperture for low-light and shallow depth of field
    • Two XA (Extreme Aspheric) elements for stunning resolution and bokeh
    • One Super ED and Two ED glass elements reduce chromatic aberration
    • Nano AR coating II suppresses reflections, flare and ghosting
    • 9-blade circular aperture contributes to gorgeous bokeh
    • Two XD (Extreme Dynamic) Linear motors for fast, precise autofocus
    • Linear response MF for precise manual focus control
    • Compact, lightweight design: ideal for both full-frame and APS-C2
    • 9.8” min. focus distance up to 0.1x magnification for close-up shots
    • Built for both worlds: Ideal for still and video creators
    • Instant auto/manual focus selection via AF/MF switch
    • Manual aperture ring w/ selectable on/off click for stills or movie
    • Programmable focus hold button for multiple custom functions
    • Dust and moisture resistant for robust reliability1
    • Fluorine front-element coating helps repel dirt and fingerprints
    • Minimized sagittal flare for starry skies shooting
    • Incredibly light weight and compact for mobility and handling


    New views from a 14 mm F1.8 masterpiece

    This large-aperture ultra-wide-angle prime lens offers G Master quality in an innovative design that is incredibly compact. Advanced technology achieves breathtaking resolution plus exquisite bokeh even at maximum F1.8 aperture. Add fast, precise AF and extraordinary mobility, and you have a lens that can capture fresh views of everyday scenes.
    Sony SEL14F18GM

    Unprecedented 14 mm F1.8, G Master prime lens


    Spectacular image-wide resolution all the way to F1.8

    Two XA (extreme aspherical) elements in a design that meets stringent G Master standards achieve outstanding corner-to-corner resolution all the way up to the lens's maximum F1.8 aperture. One Super ED (Extra-low Dispersion) and two ED glass elements thoroughly suppress color bleeding for outstanding image-wide sharpness and clarity, while Sony's Nano AR Coating II effectively minimizes flare and ghosting.
    Sony SEL14F18GM


    Large-aperture ultra-wide perspectives in an incredibly compact lens

    Precision aspherical elements including two ultra-precise XA elements in an innovative G Master optical design work with two of Sony's state-of-the-art XD Linear Motors to realize extraordinary overall performance in a remarkably compact lens that weighs just 16 ounces. This is one ultra-wide large-aperture lens you carry around anywhere, reshaping the world with creative new perspectives.
    Sony SEL14F18GM


    Resolution and compact convenience for impressive night skies

    Adding to the versatility provided by its large aperture and ultra-wide angle of view, advanced optics with a high-curvature XA front element minimize sagittal flare when shooting starry skies and other night scenes. The large F1.8 maximum aperture allows low-light shooting without having to use extremely slow shutter speeds, while compact dimensions let you shoot anywhere with ease.
    Sony SEL14F18GM

    Exquisitely smooth bokeh in ultra-wide views

    With precise XA elements, a nine-blade circular aperture mechanism, and optimally managed aberration, this unique ultra-wide lens is capable of creating exquisite background bokeh without unwanted onion-ring artifacts. Minimum focus distance is just 0.82 ft, so you can move right in to combine dynamic close-ups with beautiful bokeh in expansive backgrounds.
    Sony SEL14F18GM

    Fast, precise, quiet AF supports stills and movies

    Two XD (extreme dynamic) Linear Motors provide the thrust efficiency required to accurately position the lens's focus groups, achieving fast, precise, quiet AF performance that maximizes the speed potential of E-mount bodies. Quiet, low-vibration AF is an unprecedented advantage for shooting movies with ultra-wide angles, while mobility and fast response give creators the freedom to work effectively with any subject.
    Sony SEL14F18GM

    Outstanding reliability for any application

    In addition to a fluorine coating on the front element that repels water, oil, and other contaminants, the rear element is also fluorine-coated to keep that surface clean when changing the rear filter. A dust and moisture resistant design maximizes reliability when using this large-aperture ultra-wide-angle lens in challenging outdoor conditions.
    Sony SEL14F18GM

    Lens Controls


    Sony SEL14F18GM
    Sony SEL14F18GM
    1. Focusing ring / 2. Focus hold button / 3. Aperture ring / 4. Focus mode switch / 5. Aperture index
    6. Aperture click switch




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