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Firmware Updates


What is a Firmware Update? 


From time to time, photographic equipment manufacturers (cameras, lenses, etc.) will release firmware updates that will upgrade your gear by enhancing performance, adding new features, or even fixing known issues. These updates are typically installed by using a computer to download existing updates onto the camera from manufacturer's website. We recommend checking for firmware updates periodically to ensure you have the most up to date performance enhancements.

If you have any concern about installing these updates on your own, we're here for you. Our team of experts will ensure that your camera and other applicable gear have the latest updates installed and return to working smoothly and without error when done.

Turnaround Time & Pricing


If you purchased your camera or lens from Looking Glass, we will update your firmware at no charge. It's a great perk that we offer you for choosing to keep it local with Looking Glass! If you made your purchase elsewhere, below is our pricing.


Turnaround Time: Typically 2-3 days (same day and next day updates are available)

Price: $19.99 ($39.99 for same day and $29.99 for next day)

Important Considerations:

For cameras, please have the battery fully charged and even bring in the charger just in case. Typical turnaround time is 2-3 days, with a price of $19.99. We can do rush jobs for you for an additional fee (see pricing above).

Please Note: Installing any firmware upgrade/update to your camera will reset your camera's settings, restoring it to the original factory defaults. You will need to remember and set your preferred camera settings back on your own. If there is an issue with the firmware update, please bring it back to Looking Glass within 5 days of receiving the camera after the update for a complimentary check up.

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