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Sensor Cleaning


Cleaning your camera's sensor kicks out sneaky specks and grime that  intrude upon your shots. Say goodbye to funky spots and hello to fresh, crisp images! It's always a good time to clean that sensor!


Why a Sensor Cleaning?


Keeping your camera's parts clean is imperative to maintaining its best performance for all of your photography adventures. A sensor cleaning helps rid your camera of annoying spots that may appear on your photos due to dust and other particles that make their way to the inner workings of your beloved camera. Looking Glass has staff members trained in cleaning sensors safely and effectively for you. (NOTE: Sensor Cleanings are only available for interchangeable lens cameras)

Turnaround Time & Pricing


  • Turnaround Time: Typically 3-4 days (same day and next day RUSH services are available)
  • Price: $59.99 ($119.99 for same day and $89.99 for next day) - this pricing includes one camera.


Important Info & Considerations


  • Sensor cleaning services are only available for Interchangeable Lens Cameras.
  • Please have your camera battery fully charged and even bring in the charger just in case.
  • Rush Jobs (same day or next day) can NOT be accommodated on weekends.
  • A trained Looking Glass staff member will clean your according to their training with the appropriate materials for your specific camera.
  • While we strive to make your pictures spot free, we cannot guarantee this will be the case due to concealed issues that a sensor cleaning cannot remedy.
  • If you find that spots are still appearing on your images after we clean the sensor, please bring your camera back within 5 days, with relevant before and after pictures, for a complimentary redo on the cleaning.
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