LumoPro Spring Clamp

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The LP638 Spring Clamp will clip to virtually any surface for flexible support of lightweight accessories such as gobos, flags or small shoe mount flashes. Use the provided female 5/8" round stud holder to mount this clamp to any standard 5/8" stud, or vice versa to hold a flag or gobo. Alternatively, grip the clamp end to any surface and use the female 3/8" stud to mount swivels, speedlights or any 3/8" accessory. When used in this way, care should be taken to ensure surface stability and weight considerations. Weight: 0.60 lbs / 0.27 kg Height: 3.75 inches / 9.53 cm Width: 4.21 inches / 10.69 cm Depth: 0.2 - 1.38 inches / 0.51 - 3.51 cm