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Olympus M.Zuiko ED 300mm f4.0 PRO Lens - Black

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Perfect For: Shooters in need of long focal lengths for birding, wildlife photography, sports photography.

World’s Most Powerful 5-Axis Sync Image Stabilization

  • World’s Most Powerful 6-step in-lens Image Stabilization*
  • Hand-held shooting at 600mm equivalent is possible thanks to the combination of body IS and 5-axis Sync In-Lens Image Stabilization

World’s Most Compact, Lightweight, Weathersealed Super Telephoto Lens

  • ¼ the size and weight of DSLR 600 mm equivalents
  • Hermetically sealed in 11 places for powerful protection from dust and water for powerful performance in the most demanding environments.

Highest Resolution in Olympus Imaging History

  • Lavish use of 3 Super ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) lenses remove peripheral chromatic aberration and prefect color bleeding
  • Even higher image quality than the world-renowned Four Thirds Zuiko Digital ED 300mm f2.8 lens at f4.0.
  • Brand new lens coating technology suppresses reflected light to minimize ghosts and flares for extremely sharp images.
  • Fast, High-precision Autofocus (feature with the E-M1 to appeal to pro shooters)

Close Focusing Distance

  • MFD of 1.4m (from end of camera; 1.15m from end of lens)
  • Maximum Image Magnification 0.48 (35mm equivalent). Maximum Image Magnification with the MC-14 Teleconverter: 0.67x (35mm equivalent)
  • Free-angle shooting allows for new degree of control over composition
  • This is really the only lens on the market for insect photographers thanks to MFD, Sync IS, super fast AF


  • Focus Limiter
  • Focus Ring for quick change between Manual Focus and AutoFocus. Especially useful for zone focusing (set the focus distance in manual. Shoot in Auto as you wait for your perfect shot. Quick switch to manual with your FD pre-set)
  • L-Fn with 27 different assignable functions including focus lock
  • Image Stabilization On/Off

Get closer with the MC-14 Optical Teleconverter

  • Combine the M.zuiko Digital ED 300mm f4.0 PRO lens and the 1.4x EC-14 Teleconverter for a maximum Micro Four Thirds focal length of 840mm (35mm equivalent)
  • Maximum Image Magnification: 0.67x (35mm equiv)
  • Weather sealing is maintained

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