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    PhForm Cyanotype Dry Kit (Original)

    Product description

    *Due to the chemicals in this product, it is available for store pick up only. Formulary's Original Cyanotype Kit (powder form) is one of the oldest photographic processes and one of the least expensive. Cyanotypes have a long full scale and distinctive blue color. The process can be used to produce a pale white image on a blue background or a blue image on a white background. This process is a contact print process and can be transferred to a variety of media; paper, cloth, leather, ect. This kit will produce 24 8x10 prints. Liquid kit comes packaged as 500 ml each of solutions A and B in black bottles.
    Chemical - Amount
    Arrowroot starch - 20 grams For Sizing
    Potassium ferricyanide - 40 grams Sensitizer B
    Ferric ammonium citrate (green)* - 100 grams Sensitizer A
    Potassium dichromate - 1 gram Contrast Control




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