Promaster XC-M 525 Leg Warmers (set of 3) - Black - Looking Glass Photo & Camera

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Promaster XC-M 525 Leg Warmers (set of 3) - Black

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ProMaster XC-M Leg Warmers are specifically designed for use with XC-M Tripods. These kits of three fit XC-M Tripod legs perfectly. Simply wrap a leg warmer around the upper leg section of the tripod and zip it up. Now the leg will be covered by a soft sleeve and protected from scratches. The leg warmers also protect your skin from having direct contact with metal in cold weather. These work whether you are using your XC-M as a monopod or tripod.

Installing the leg warmers requires a bit of time and concentration since you have to line up the zipper while pulling the warmer tight around the leg. Be patient! Since it is an exact fitting item there is no slack in the fabric. This ensures excellent performance once installed.


  • Precision designed to fit ProMaster XC-M Tripods.
  • Works whether you are using your XC-M as a tripod or monopod.


  • Makes handling your XC-M Tripod more comfortable, especially in cold weather.
  • Protects your XC-M Tripod legs from scratches and bumps.

Important Specs:

  • Actual length of each leg warmer: 8" / 203 mm
  • Actual weight of each leg warmer: 5/8 oz / 18 g <.li>

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