Sony a7CR Full-frame Compact Mirrorless 61.0MP Camera Body Only - Silver - Looking Glass Photo & Camera


Sony a7CR Full-frame Compact Mirrorless 61.0MP Camera Body Only - Silver
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Sony a7CR Full-frame Compact Mirrorless 61.0MP Camera Body Only - Silver

Sony a7CR Full-frame Compact Mirrorless 61.0MP Camera Body Only - Silver

$2,999.99 Excl. tax
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Offers stunning resolution and color reproduction with a 61.0-megapixel full frame sensor, in a compact, easily-carried body. Fast and accurate AF, plus 7.0-step image stabilization ensure that you can catch that decisive moment. Read more.

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The α7CR offers stunning resolution and colour reproduction with a 61.0-megapixel full frame sensor, in a compact, easily-carried body. Boosted recognition performance, fast and accurate AF, plus 7.0-step image stabilisation ensure that you can catch that decisive moment.

Unparalleled resolution in a compact and lightweight camera

The A7CR full-frame image sensor delivers fine subject detail in a compact, lightweight body. With a 61.0 effective megapixel, back-illuminated Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor – adapted from our acclaimed α7R V – it delivers extraordinary resolution into new spaces.

Full-frame 61.0-megapixel Exmor RTM image sensor

The back-illuminated sensor's noise reduction, gapless on-chip lenses, anti-reflection optical coating, elimination of the optical low-pass filter that is usually positioned in front of the sensor and other original technologies deliver high resolution, high sensitivity, low noise, and wide dynamic range.

BIONZ XR™ processing power for exceptional image quality

The latest BIONZ XR image processing engine minimizes processing latency while boosting movie and still image processing power, delivering natural gradations, realistic color, low noise, superior image quality and fast menu response.

Dedicated AI Processor and Real-time Recognition for accurate subject tracking

The AI processing unit supports recognition of human subjects using learned human form and pose data, and also recognition of non-human subjects such as animals, insects, and vehicles. This improves the performance of Real-time Recognition AF and Real-time Tracking and makes Fast Hybrid AF subject acquisition and tracking more precise and reliable over a wider area.

Advanced 5-axis optical image stabilization with up to 7-steps of compensation

A high-precision image stabilization unit, advanced gyro sensors, and optimized image stabilization algorithms effectively detect and correct camera shake. 7.0-step in-body optical image stabilization5 is a huge advantage for handheld shooting. The new stabilization algorithm provides precise detection and control right down to the single-pixel level, taking full advantage of the sensor’s 61.0-megapixel2resolution to bring out the finest subject details.

Pixel Shift Multi Shooting responds to changing conditions

Pixel Shift Multi Shooting6 uses the precision in-body image stabilization system to capture multiple pixel-shifted images that are later composited on a PC to achieve overwhelming resolution in a single image. 16-image composites with approximately 240.8 million pixels (19008 x 12672 pixels)7 can be produced from data that is equivalent to approximately 963.2 million pixels.

Consistently accurate exposure and color reproduction

The advanced AI processing unit achieves accurate white balance even where the subject is in shade. Skin tones, foliage and other materials are reproduced with natural colors under almost any lighting, with lifelike gradations such as highlight roll-off in portraits.

Mobility for advanced, high-performance movie recording

The α7CR offers highly detailed 4K movie capture with 6.2K oversampling18, plus the mobility required for gimbal or drone mounted shooting. It also features S-Cinetone™ for a cinematic look, Log shooting, Real-time Tracking with advanced subject recognition, Active Mode19image stabilization, breathing compensation20, and many more refinements.

Active Mode image stabilization supports handheld movie shooting

Active Mode23 provides precision stabilization for movie shooting with advanced gyro sensors and an optimised algorithm. Camera shake is precisely detected and compensated for, with additional stabilization provided via compatible lenses24 in sync with the camera body.

High resolution XGA OLED electronic viewfinder with 120fps display

A 2.36 million-dot (approx.) XGA OLED electronic viewfinder with 0.70x magnification delivers high resolution and contrast for clear viewing, even in bright sunlight. The finder frame rate can be set to [High] (120 fps), twice the normal frame rate, for a smooth viewfinder image with minimum display motion blur when tracking and shooting moving subjects. 

Compatible with more than 70 E-mount lenses offer boundless creativity

Sony’s lineup of optically advanced E-mount lenses features more than 70 models, including G Master™ series that blends breathtaking resolution with exquisite bokeh, and G Lens™ series with excellent image quality and smooth bokeh. These fine lenses are compact and lightweight, ideally matching E-mount bodies to create remarkably compact, mobile systems for a wide range of photographic and videographic applications.

Creative Look with 10 customizable presets to realize your vision

The Creative Look feature provides 10 presets that can be used unmodified or edited to create a variety of "looks" that can help creators fine-tune the mood of their stills or movies. Either use the presets as they are or adjust eight parameters to create shareable content in-camera without the need for post-production editing.

Selectable RAW file types, HEIF and JPEG Light quality setting

Lossless RAW image compression provides efficiency with no loss in image quality, allowing more images to be shot in continuous bursts. Three image sizes (L/M/S) can be selected to suit the application. M and S sizes have the same numbers of pixels (26M/15M) in full-frame and APS-C modes, allowing seamless switching while maintaining the same image resolution. A new "Light" image quality selection, with smaller file sizes for easy sharing, is provided for JPEG and HEIF images.

Continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking at up to 8 fps14

Continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking is possible at up to 8 fps with the mechanical shutter14, or 7 fps during silent shooting15, capturing even momentary movements or expression changes in exquisite detail. The power of the BIONZ XR engine allows continuous shooting of over 1000 JPEG images16, letting you capture every vital moment.

Advanced movie recording formats for simpler post-production

In-camera 10-bit 4:2:2 recording is available when using Long GOP or All-Intra compression29, making it possible to color grade for fuller, more natural gradations while generally providing greater editing freedom.

Log recording and LUT handling for powerful creative possibilities

The α7CR features an S-Log3 gamma curve to maximize its 14+ stops of latitude22. S-Gamut3 and S-Gamut3.Cine color gamut settings are also provided for further post processing control, and user-selected LUTs (Look Up Table) can be applied to preview how processed footage will look or to even record footage conveniently with a PP LUT already applied

S-Cinetone™ for a cinematic look without the need for post processing

Utilizing the color science from Sony’s highly regarded Cinema Line, Sony’s S-Cinetone picture profile delivers more faithful color reproduction and skin tones, with natural mid-tones essential to healthy-looking skin, plus soft colors and gorgeous highlights, giving creators a cinematic look without the need for color grading.

Breathing compensation for movies with a consistent angle of view

Breathing compensation suppresses focus breathing (change in a lens’s angle of view with changes in focus) when shooting movies. Sony’s Clear Image Zoom is used to automatically maintain a consistent angle of view through focus changes with compatible lenses, for more stable images. Breathing metadata can also be used with the advanced breathing compensation capabilities of the latest Catalyst Browse/Prepare software application during post-production.

AI-based Auto Framing30 automatically adjusts framing to highlight your subject

Using AI-based subject recognition technology, Auto Framing automatically crops for optimum framing when shooting movies. Even when the camera is mounted on a tripod, the framing is continually adjusted so that the recorded footage looks like the subject was being followed by a camera operator. Accurate tracking is possible even when the camera is being operated remotely via the Creators' App26 on a smartphone.

In-camera Time-lapse creation to capture unforgettable moments

The in-camera time-lapse function allows you to create time-lapse videos within the camera itself. The exposure interval32 can be set from 1 second to 60 seconds, making it easy to compress slow action into enjoyable time-lapse sequences. When a compatible video light (sold separately) is attached to the camera, it can be set to turn on just before each exposure so that time-lapse sequences can be shot in low-light settings.

Wide-area, high-density autofocus with 693 phase detection AF points

The BIONZ XR engine and updated algorithms achieve notably improved Fast Hybrid AF performance. Up to 693 phase detection points11cover approx. 79% of the image area, accurately acquiring focus even when the subject is small. The α7CR includes both phase-detection and contrast-detection AF to ensure fast, stable focus acquisition even in single AF (AF-S) mode.

Tenacious Real-time Tracking lets you concentrate on composition

AI-based Real-time Tracking can be activated by specifying the subject and half-pressing the shutter button. The camera automatically tracks the subject, letting the user concentrate on framing and composition. Subject recognition performance and tracking reliability have been greatly improved across a wider range of shooting situations.

AI based Human pose estimation for accurate subject recognition

With its innovative AI processing unit, the α7CR can use subject form data to accurately recognize movement, providing a significant improvement in human eye recognition. Human pose estimation technology recognizes not just eyes, but also body and head position with high precision. This makes it possible to lock onto and track a subject facing away from the camera or with their face partly obscured by a helmet or sunglasses, for example.

Reliable recognition of a wider range of subjects

The AI processing unit supports recognition of more subject types9 including the eyes of some grazing and small animals, in addition to the eyes and heads of dogs, cats. It can even recognize these animals when their eyes are obscured from view. A new combined Animal/Bird setting eliminates switching. The whole or the leading end of Cars/Trains and Airplanes, and the heads of Insects, are also recognized.

Accurate autofocus in low light situations as dim as EV -4.0

Equipped with the latest AF algorithms, the α7CR achieves high AF precision down to light levels as low as EV -4.0 in AF-S mode (ISO 100 equivalent, F2.0 lens). It also includes a Focus Priority mode that provides more reliable AF in low light or when using smaller apertures.

Full-time Direct Manual Focus (DMF) for quick access to manual adjustment

When shooting stills with AF-C or AF-S autofocus, the lens's focus ring can be rotated to instantly switch to manual focus mode at any time. This makes it easy to switch focus to a different subject on the fly.

Focus bracketing to create images with incredible depth of focus

The camera will automatically shoot up to 299 images with sequentially shifted focus points, with custom intervals and sequence specified by the user. Pick the perfect shot, or post-process multiple shots to achieve creative composites with impossible focus depth.

Focus Map and Peaking display assist for shooting video

Movie making is made simpler with the Focus Map33 function that allows you to visualize depth of field when recording video. Focus information is overlaid on the live view display in real time so that you can easily identify the in-focus and out-of-focus areas — particularly useful when shooting with a large-aperture to create a narrow depth of field. The camera also offers peaking display, making it possible to check auto and manual focus while recording.

Flicker suppression from artificial lighting for stills and movie recording

Suppress flicker from artificial lighting whether you're shooting stills or movies. Simply select "Anti-flicker Shoot", or use "Var. Shutter" to fine-tune shutter speeds to match pulsing frequency of some light sources which can cause visible interference when filming.

Smooth and simple selection of recording modes

The α7CR features a new Still/Movie/S&Q dial, allowing fast, independent selection. It's conveniently located next to the mode dial, which can then be used to easily select the exposure mode and other key settings for each shooting mode.

Stable grip for handheld shooting

The α7CR is designed to give you a secure, stable and comfortable hold. Or attach the new GP-X2 removable grip extension (supplied) for maximum comfort and minimum fatigue during long shooting sessions.

Enhanced shooting flexibility with vari-angle LCD monitor

The α7CR features a large 3.0-type 1.03 million-dot (approx.) touch-panel LCD monitor with a 3:2 aspect ratio and side-opening vari-angle flexibility. This allows greater positioning and framing freedom, giving you plenty of creative options for handheld and gimbal-mounted shooting of stills and movies.

Easy to use, intuitive touch operations on LCD panel

Simply swipe in from the left or right edge of the shooting display to reveal touch icons that allow quick changes to the shooting mode and more. You can now long-press menu items to register them to My Menu for quick access as needed, making the camera even more easily customizable.

Improved menu structure for quick access to frequently used menu items

The α7CR features a Main Menu structure with a logical layout which provide more efficient access to important shooting parameters, such as frame rate, shutter speed, and more. It can be assigned to a custom key for quick access when needed, and touch operation means that adjusting key settings has never been faster.

Multi Interface (MI) shoe with digital audio interface for optional accessories

A variety of high-performance compatible microphones can be connected to the camera’s Multi Interface Shoe for direct, noise-free digital audio transfer to the camera. Or choose from a variety of high-output flash units such as the HVL-F60RM2 that support high-speed continuous shooting, giving you even more ways to capture creative imagery.

Image sensor anti-dust system

The camera is equipped with an anti-dust system through a charge protection coating on its optical filter and an image sensor shift mechanism. There's also a [Shutter When Power Off] function that closes the shutter when the camera's power is turned off, protecting the image sensor from dust and particles while changing lenses.

USB PD (Power Delivery) supports fast charging

USB PD (Power Delivery) is supported for fast in-camera battery charging, supplying 3 to 4 times more power than previous models. A USB charger or mobile battery that supports USB PD can be connected to the camera's USB Type-C® port so you can undertake extended shoots with ample power supply.

Durable magnesium alloy chassis

Built for reliability in professional working environments, the α7CR is protected by a lightweight, high-rigidity magnesium alloy used for the top cover, front cover, internal frame, and rear cover.

Dust and moisture resistant design

The α7CR is well sealed at critical buttons and dials, and interlocking body seams add double protection, providing excellent resistance to dust and moisture35 in challenging outdoor conditions.

Easy and stable smartphone connectivity with Sony’s Creators’ App

Connection stability when transferring images from the camera to the Creators' App mobile application26 on a smartphone has been greatly improved. Transfers continue in the background even if the smartphone display sleeps or a different app is launched27. Workflow from shooting to sharing has been notably improved overall.

Stream high-quality live content via UVC/UAC w/internal recording

Connected to a personal computer or smartphone28 via USB, the α7CR can function as a 4K (2160p) webcam. Large-aperture lenses, narrow depth of field, and bokeh can be used to great effect for online meetings and live streaming along with advanced AF functions such as Real-time Recognition AF. You can even record your livestream in the camera.

Fast Wi-Fi for PC tethering

Built-in Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac) allows communication on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz30bands for fast and stable data transfer.

Creators' Cloud platform

Creators' Cloud is a platform that supports creative work from shooting to production by combining advanced Sony camera technology with cloud-based AI. It's also a place for discovery and collaboration with other creators around the world. Explore web, mobile, and PC-based apps providing efficient solutions that integrate cameras with shooting and production apps and services.

Accessible technology on Alpha cameras

Sony's Alpha cameras are equipped with a number of accessibility features so that as many people as possible can utilize and enjoy our technology. For example, the screen reader function reads text on the menu screens aloud, with volume and reading speed adjustable as needed.


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Any questions about this product?
Let’s talk! Email us at [email protected] or call us at +1-510-548-6888. We can even walk you through the product via online chat.

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Sony Sony a7CR Full-frame Compact Mirrorless 61.0MP Camera Body Only - Silver
Sony a7CR Full-frame Compact Mirrorless 61.0MP Camera Body Only - Silver
Offers stunning resolution and color reproduction with a 61.0-megapixel full fra...
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