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Level Up Your Photography with Lens Filters

Level Up Your Photography with Lens Filters




The Basics: What are Lens Filters?

The simplest way to think of a lens filter is as a glass accessory that is placed on the front of a camera lens. These filters help photographers like you create a desired effect, many of which cannot be replicated using post-production software. They can be indispensable for capturing scenery in difficult lighting conditions, they can enhance color, reduce reflections or can simply have the purpose of protecting your lens. Here, we’re going to focus on two of the most popular filter types that we offer: Neutral Density (ND) and Circular Polarizing (CPL), as well as introduce a leading innovator in filter development, NiSi Optics.


Filters have the potential to turn otherwise “standard” photographs into something much more engaging and dynamic. CPL and ND filters perform different tasks and functions, and will provide the photographer (you) more control. 




One Way to Think of ND and CPL Filters:

They’re like sunglasses for your camera, a protective helmet for your lens, and magic to your creative process. But like sunglasses, they are not beneficial for every occasion. That said, it’s important to understand when to use a specific filter type to ensure you improve your images, as opposed to hurt them.


Neutral Density (ND) Filters: 



ND filters are terrific for enhancing your long exposure shots, as well as action shots in various situations. Click the links below to learn more:


What is a neutral density (ND) Filter?

What strength of ND Filter should I use?

How do I calculate the correct shutter speed for using an ND Filter?


Circular Polarizing (CPL) Filters

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CPL Filters are terrific for removing haze, as well as reflections. They can also help make blues more blue. Click the links below to learn more:


What is a circular polarizing filter (CPL)?

How do I use a CPL effectively?


Introduction: NiSi Optics and Their Innovative Filter Systems:

NiSi filters are Nano coated and offer true-to-life color utilizing their IR technology. NiSi Filters are low reflection, made from high definition Optical glass, and offer double-sided waterproofing. Their complete square filter system is perfect for Landscape photographers looking for high quality and easy-to-use filter systems. Click the links below to learn more:


Why NiSi Filters?

Learn about their unique and easy to use V6 filter holder.


Check Out Their Various Kits:

Extreme ND Kit

ND Long Exposure Kit

Close Up Lens Kits

Starter Kit


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